Trivia with Leo


Trivia -  Brain Teaser 1 point each.

  1. George Balcke was our President when we won the 57 flag. Who is his great nephew who won a thirds league best and fairest?
  2. We have had a lot of brothers who have played in flags together. Name the 2 brothers who played in 1 flag each but in separate years?
  3. Ivan Rasmussen was a great player for Footscray and Port Melbourne and played in Cribs 85 flag. What MPFL club did he captain coach before he came to Crib?
  4. In Tony Lockett's book who did he name as one of the best kicks he'd seen?
  5. Name the 8 players who have played in firsts premiership for Crib Point and Hastings?
  6. One of Crib Points thirds league best and fairest winner is a close relation to a brownlow medal winner?
  7. in 1973 Crib point defeated Navy to win the flag. Navy's captain coach won the league best and fairest that year. Years later his younger brother played in Cribs 85 flag. Name the brothers?
  8. What winter sport did all the famous Graham brothers play until we enticed them into Aussie Rules?
  9. Peter Spider Everett played most of his junior footy at Crib Point then went to Hastings for a short period before being recruited by St Kilda. What club did he start at before coming to Crib?
  10. Collingwood legend Bob Rose had a nephew who played in Crib Points 1977 flag. What was his name?
  11. For 10 points ( 1 point each)  Nicknames are famous in sporting clubs. Here are 10 nicknames. Try and give us their real names. The only clue I'll give is that they are all firsts premiership players.
    1. Snapper
    2. Gonzo
    3. Bitesy
    4. Gimme
    5. Suitcase
    6. Flys
    7. Chisel
    8. Spike
    9. Hoady
    10. Fab

See how you go?


Answers on last page.