Hammer's Tingle 

Hi all,


I hope this finds you all well and managing ok in this crazy time. As I write this , I noted that we would have played our last game of the home and away season against Langwarrin last Saturday. I wonder how we would have gone this year? I had the seniors penciled in for 6 wins at the start of the season, who knows, we may have got a bit of momentum  up throughout the season and be training for an elimination final this weekend. 

I predicted that the twos would have had comfortably made the top three with the depth of our list and the 3rds would be entering the final series clear favourites. Sadly, we’ll never know. I wish it was that easy but unfortunately not the real world! 

There are many things we haven’t been able to control this year so no point concerning ourselves over what ifs. What we need to focus on is what we can control. Right from the get go, I have been impressed with the level of connectedness between the players, the willingness to share results, post ridiculous videos, motivate others or reach out to mates to see how they are going. Now the 2020 season is officially over, the 2021 pre- season has  now begun. What this looks like in the short term is fairly simple. Keep motivating each other with training sessions, reaching out to your team mates who need a chop out , maintain your fitness routine ( or establish one ) and start getting excited about the 2021 season. 

I’m hoping we pick up from where we left off before COVID took over, record numbers on the track, players fitness levels through the roof, enthusiasm to burn and a sense of anticipation for the season ahead. Moving forward, the coaching staff are all on board and  keen as mustard, as is the committee who have done a great job keeping the club financially viable during this time, we have a new ground , we are all a year older, bigger , stronger ( a great thing for our young list ) and you have all stayed connected. Essentially, all that happened for us is we have pressed the pause button and we will pick up exactly where we left of. As a group we were really proud of how all involved ( players, coaches, committee, supporters) created a culture  that retained nearly all of the 2019 playing list and attracted many new and return players to the club for the 2020 season. 



Get on board the Crib train before it leaves the station!!


Over the next couple of weeks the coaches will start ringing around to have a chat with players to discuss plans and for 2021 season.  Until then, look after yourselves, the important people in your life and members of your community.



Steve Hamill