Netball News

The isolation 2.0 period is definitely taking its toll on everyone.

People are dealing with it in all different ways and striving for any type of normality/ structure within their day to day activities.


We as a Netball Club are utilising the online forums to be able to socialise and create some sort of consistency with our fitness.

We host a 6pm- 7pm Zoom Fitness Session on Thursday night’s which reflects our normal training time. We vary up the sessions from strength training, cardio and yoga/ Pilates. It is nice to see different people joining in each week. As this week we would normally be heading into finals – the zooms sessions amped up and were very cardio based.


We have also created a CPFNC Breakfast Club – This runs on a Saturday morning from 9am onwards. This is a great opportunity for the girls to have a coffee, some breakfast and have a general catch up. It has been great to vocalise the challenges and successes that we are experiencing and to reach out to a bunch of like-minded people and to realise that no one is alone through this Pandemic. We have also discovered some real talents that lie within our group OFF the netball court. For example: Tarryn Graham and her amazing Art/ Painting skills. Emily McGuinness and her dedication to never missing a Thursday session. Kylie Crow with her TikTok and home learning tips and tricks.


It never ceases to amaze me how generous and considerate the people within the CPFNC Community are and how we always come together, support each other and get through anything and everything that is thrown our way. It has been great to see the football boys putting out some running and fitness challenges that the girls are up taking as well.


We cannot wait to get back to the club – get back together and begin our endeavour into the 2021 season.


With hope,


Adrienne Harris.