2022 Calendar Dates

KM Principals and Leaders Meeting

2nd-5th August (TKM Leadership Retreat - click here to register)

29th August

25th November


Student Social Justice Seminar 

11-12th August (Amberley)

Please register your students by clicking here.


KEM Business Managers

16th August


KEM Principals Meetings

30th August


TKM Business Managers

11th November


KM Chairs of the Board Network

7th October


Board Chairs, Directors and Stewardship Councillors Seminar

8th October


Justice Leaders

22/23 August (with Faith and Learning Leaders)


Faith Leaders

7th November


Student Leadership Retreat

6-8th December


New Staff Induction

14th September (Day 2/2)


New Leaders Seminar

31st August (Day 2/2)


Founding Grace Retreat

19th-21st October