It is with great pleasure that we reflect on the unforgettable evening that was our Year 12 formal at the Merrimu Reception Centre.


It was a delight to see everyone dressed up in their finest attire. The gentlemen looked dapper in their stunning suits, while the ladies radiated elegance and glamour in their beautiful dresses. It was a true celebration of style and fashion, and we were all proud to be a part of it. 

The memories of this night will stay with us for a long time, and we will always look back on our formal with fondness and joy.


The evening began with a beautiful formal dinner, where we enjoyed a delicious meal and the company of our friends and teachers. The dance floor was then opened, and we spent the rest of the night dancing and celebrating the beginning and end of our high school journey together.

Mr Krause's photo booth was one of the night's highlights, providing us with endless entertainment and the opportunity to capture memories with our friends. The DJ also kept the party going with an incredible selection of music that had everyone on their feet.

Overall, our Year 12 formal was a night to remember. We are grateful to our school and the staff at Merrimu for providing us with an unforgettable experience.


Before closing, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Student Management Team for their hard work in organizing such a wonderful event. Without their dedication and tireless efforts, this night would not have been possible. Special recognition goes to Miss Felmingham, who provided invaluable guidance and support throughout the planning process. 

A massive thanks to everyone involved in making our Year 12 formal a night to remember!

Lola Vaysman
Lola Vaysman

Lola Vaysman

Year 12 Student