As part of Unit 1 Business Management students undertook extensive research and completed a formal presentation on a famous entrepreneur of choice. This entrepreneur had to have proven to find a way to solve consumer problems by creating and/or investing in a product or service that is new and innovative. Here are some student reflections and thoughts on this important learning task! 


Marie Lucarelli, Jason Evans, Angela Goile & Kate Jobson 

VCE Business Management Teachers


The Sac allowed us to learn about an entrepreneur and why they became so successful. It taught me what I would need to do to start my own business and make it profitable. I would recommend Year 11 Business Management for anyone interested in starting a business, becoming an entrepreneur, or just people who are generally interested in the subject.

Ethan Charles  


We learned why many famous businesses such as Netflix and Amazon became so successful. We learned insights into successful business. Skills we learned are public speaking skills! Some positives were that the task was really fun, as we learned many interesting facts about business and their respective entrepreneurs! 

Farhan Hussain  


The SAC overall allowed everyone to use their knowledge of Business Management terms and put it into a presentation

Rosie Clark  


This SAC gave us a better understanding of our learning in Business Management as we got to thoroughly explore entrepreneurship, innovation and businesses. I’ve really enjoyed BM so far and think it's an awesome subject that teaches you great life skills

Indiana Harrison 


I’ve learnt important business-related knowledge that I’ll carry on forward in my life. The class is interactive, making learning fun. It’s definitely a subject worth taking! 

Nicole Ho 


It was fascinating hearing about all these businesses and entrepreneurs that I didn't know about or hadn't even heard of before!  Everyone’s presentations that we viewed were really interesting and successful

Jasmine Sobolevsky 


It was very interesting searching our entrepreneurs' backstory ie. as to why they started their business and their journey towards being successful and well known. 

Markis Angelatos 


We covered the entrepreneur Kanye West and his brand Yeezys. This enabled us to understand and learn West's motivation, along with the history behind Yeezys. His controversy and the conclusion of his contract with Adidas was interesting! 

Joy Jiang  & Rachel Ha 


We worked on Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto empire FTX. We got to learn about the qualities that made him so successful. I think analyzing the TLC and explaining the topics in great detail was fun

Nathan Banh  & Daniel Gromov  


We chose Michael Jordan (Jordan Brand). It was fun to learn about an entrepreneur who was a former athlete. It was also fun because we got to learn more about a topic that we are not familiar with. He was the best salesperson in the NBA

Lurandt Wolmarans & Anthony Kostelac 


It was good because we got an insight into what qualities entrepreneurs have. We did Toei Animation (Kenzo Masaoka). We got to learn about how Toei works and the history of the company and anime. It was interesting to learn how cell animation was used for the first time and revolutionized animation

Manas Kashyap, Paddy McCallum & Cindy Chang


Our assignment was on Netflix. It is something that all of us use everyday and it was interesting researching about how it all started. We found by working in a group we get the work done quicker

Christian Panoutsos  & Anahita Madan 


We did our assignment on Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea. He was an excellent innovator and had a strong work ethic.  It was interesting to learn about his childhood. Interestingly, we discovered he was bribed to do well in school by his father, and that he isdyslexic

Owen Taylor, Tiago Queiroz & Vanshdeep Sagwal 

Ingvar Kamprad
Kenzo Masaoka
Michael Jordan
Ingvar Kamprad
Kenzo Masaoka
Michael Jordan

In Business Management we worked on an entrepreneur’s report and a power point presentation on Henry Ford and the Ford Motor company with Thomas Grove. We discovered that there were 15 million Ford Model-Ts produced and sold between 1908 to 1927

Jenson Baxter-Smith  & Thomas Grove