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F-5 awards Monday 22nd Feb, 2021


F-5 awards Monday 22nd Feb, 2021

Year F/1: 

Hendrix Vaughan – for working hard on your group activities.

Lilly Hayden – for always being ready to learn and trying your best.

Year 1/2: 

Shania Madzarevic – for spreading joy to everyone in class by being kind, helpful and full of smiles!

Charli Jones – for being a good choice master in class by showing great listening and having a go at everything!

Year 3/4: 

Syriah Guy – for working independently to produce neat work. Excellent pictures, colours and handwriting.

Isabelle Bricknall – for displaying excellent work habits and being a great mathematician.

Year 4/5: 

Ella McDonald – for giving everything your best and always doing it with a smile.

Mikala Madzarevic – for a fantastic attitude and work ethic that is going to take you far.


Congratulations to all of these students!