We are back

Using Sentral to increase our communication

Swimming Sports year 7-12

Student Leadership

Student Uniform blitz this week

School Council elections & operations







We are back!



An end to another unusual week! The school communities efforts over the course of last week in response to the snap lockdown was remarkable. Our ability to quickly adapt is almost becoming normal. I am confident that our response as a school to support your child's learning during this recent unfortunate event was effective. We are not aiming to be perfect but we wish to continue to improve in this area. We are keen to obtain your feedback as to what worked and what didn't work during this snap lockdown period. Please feel to provide this feedback to myself or any other staff members.


We continue to adjust. The wearing of masks is mandatory and this was a challenge to maintain for a small number of our students during the hot weather last week. I can assure you that our staff are working hard to and maintain all covid safe expectations with our students. Hopefully this is only temporary and the restrictions ease later this week. Our students need to be congratulated on their ability to comply with restrictions and play their part!


Using Sentral to increase our communication: 

In the coming weeks we will be providing all families with instructions on how to download and utilise the Mortlake P-12 College Sentral parent/student app. During this continued phase of the Sentral Communication system rollout, we will be focusing on enabling all school community members to regularly receive information updates and as well as access to your child’s reports via the app.




Swimming Sports year 7-12: 

Today our year students will compete in the Year 7-12 Swimming Sports from Period 4-6. Given the recent restrictions, opportunities like this are a really great way for our students to build peer and school connectedness. A big thank you to Ms Lodge and support staff for organising this event! 


Student Leadership: 

Next Monday 1st of March we will be holding our official student leadership induction for all student leaders. We will have a former student attending this event to share their story with the students.

Student Uniform blitz this week! 

This week, all house assembly teachers will be tracking student uniform across the school. All students have a responsibility to wear the correct school uniform each day and it is really pleasing to see the great majority of students wearing the full uniform. The aim of this blitz is to identify students that may require additional support with acquiring the correct uniform items. Our school is always here to support and work with our families to support your child!


School Council elections & operations: 

We are currently in the process of appointing our school council for 2021 beyond. We currently have 4x parent representation vacancies up for re-election. The timeline for the election of the new council is as follows:  The nomination period will commenced on Thursday 18th February and will close on Thursday 11th  March at 4pm.  Nomination forms can be obtained from our general office. I would strongly encourage new members to apply.


  • 18th-25th Feb: call for nominations
  • 25th Feb- 4th March: Nominations close and decision made regarding ballot
  • 4th- 11th March: Sending out ballot paper and ballot closes



And remember: ‘The secret to getting ahead is to get started’- Anon