The Food Technology department felt it was fitting for our students to cook ANZAC biscuits.


They are not only a delicious sweet treat but have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps established in World War I and therefore hold a significant place in the hearts of many. It has been claimed that biscuits were sent by wives and women's groups to soldiers abroad because the ingredients do not spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation.


Imagine the sheer delight that soldiers experienced when they received not only news from home but also biscuits.


The following articles are reflections by two of our students on the Anzac biscuit prac and the significance of ANZAC Day to them: 



Last Wednesday during Food Tech our class made Anzac biscuits in honor of the veterans who fought for us. It is important to acknowledge them in any way we can even if it's making Anzac cookies. To me ANZAC Day means to acknowledge all the people who fought for us and without them we would not be living a life like we have today. 


Showing our appreciation towards them is very important. The ones who died in battle and those that are living today should be thanked for what they have done for us. 


Every man and woman that fought in the war must be honored equally and thankfully. I think it is great that we use poppies to recognise and show our respect towards them. The Anzac biscuits remind us of what they had to endure, like eating stale food.


I hope this year every one of them is thanked for the great achievements they have done for Australia. Chloe Cooper 7F



During the last Food Technology lesson, we were taught how to make Anzac biscuits, and baked them ourselves through the guidance of our teacher.


We’d baked them to commemorate and remember the sacrifice Australian and New Zealand soldiers made, and for those who died fighting. It’s about reflecting on the wars, and the loss.


For me, it’s about understanding those who’d suffered, and remembering the risks they took. We greatly enjoyed our session, and found ways to connect to those who risked their lives, and fought in the war, and were told stories of few who had relatives of those who sacrificed themselves for our country. Angela Zhang 7F


               Angela Zhang        Chloe Cooper


Everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the session, and learnt how to make Anzac biscuits and the story behind them.


I have also included photos of the delicious biscuits made by a couple of other students.


             Freya Hunnisett    My Linh Tong       


Susan Wilken

Health Learning Area Manager