Group 2

The second Year 7 camp group left on Monday 29 April. After hearing so many exciting stories from the first group, we couldn’t wait to start the trip.


After an hour and a half bus drive, we arrived at the Phillip Island adventure resort, a place we would call home for the next three days and two nights.


Although many of us weren’t in activity groups and cabins with our closest friends, it was the perfect opportunity to greet new people and to have fun with the outdoor activities; including the giant swing, flying fox, raft making, canoeing, swimming and high ropes. Everyone was willing to give it their best go, even if some activities proved to be a little daunting, and received the best out of it.


Luckily, we had perfect weather throughout the entire camp. Especially during the penguin parade, we had a clear, cloudless night, allowing travel and the sighting of the penguins to be smooth sailing!


In a blink of an eye, the camp was coming to a close. With heavy hearts, we packed up, said goodbye to the adventure resort, and headed for home. This camp was truly memorable, from the hilarious talent show acts, to the penguin sighting. It had proved its purpose, to create new friendships and new experiences. 

Of course, this wouldn’t have even been imaginable without teachers, the student management team and the staff at the camp. On behalf of all the students in the second camp, I would like to thank them for their immense efforts. This Year 7 camp is a memory that we will cherish for a long time to come. 


Lisa Phan

Year 7 Student