Maths in Real Life 

Back in late Term 1, the Maths Enhancement Club was very lucky to have applied physicist, Dr Andrey Pototsky (Swinburne University), at our Tuesday’s club session, taking us into the past to see how mathematics became an essential tool for understanding the universe. 


The mini-workshop has opened our eyes to how oddly “simple” the laws of Nature are and how great thinkers such as Newton and Einstein were able to describe the world around us using the language of mathematics. 


With computer simulations, Dr Pototsky also demonstrated how drastically different our solar system would become (or the lack thereof) if a parameter in the equation is changed from the exact value of 2 to say, 2.1. Mathematics and our lives in this universe are clearly inseparable!


Meanwhile, the 3-week AMT Maths Challenge Program is set to take place during Term 2.


The club will devote its attention to running support sessions throughout the term. If you have any questions, or would like to seek clarification regarding the challenge problems or learn the mathematical concepts arising from them, then come along to A07 during Tuesday lunchtime.


Finally, due to the busy schedule on the school calendar, the McK Sudoku Challenge (exclusive to Year 7 & 8 students) is now likely to happen in the second half of Term 2. Please stay tuned for more updates. 


Mr Georgiadis & Dr Law

Maths Enhancement Club

Tuesday lunchtime in A07