At McKinnon we have a well-developed program of Robotics at Year 7 and Year 9 and now we are adding an introduction to Engineering. Every Monday at lunchtime our group of future technologists meet at the robotics club to work on their own ideas. Our robotics club allows students to pursue any personal projects beyond the class lessons.


The robotics club operates on a very informal basis and everyone is encouraged to work on their own ideas. There is always a teacher or another student around to help when the robots and creations “don’t do as they’re told”. We have a great time investigating how to make things work and how to turn a pile of parts into an animated and active creation.


The system we use at McKinnon is based on Lego so it is already familiar to students and, if you decide half way through that you have changed your mind or you just want to try a different idea, it’s easy to disassemble and start over again. Our current group are working on things as varied as an autonomous car (watch out Tesla, we’re coming to get you), a remote controlled conveyor system and an animated sword. It really is only limited by the student’s imagination.


See you in B03 at lunchtime on Monday.


Mr Liakakos and Mr McDonald

Robotics Club Co-ordinators



Students in Year 10 information Systems have been coding in Python using GROK Learning this Semester.


Congratulations to these students Amanda Liu, Danny Shi and Nathan Nguyen who are the first students to have completed their Introduction to Python Level 2 Certificate.


Hopefully, more students in the class will be able to gain their Level 2 Certificate having already completed Level 1.


This term students will study a unit on Networks and then undertake a second language such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Mr Russo

ICT Teacher