Curriculum News

Assembly via Webex!

Classes enjoyed our first assembly of 2022 online last Friday.  


Class R2 - Play Based Learning in the COLA 

Since commencing the school year, the students from R2 have spent the morning engaging in play-based learning activities. After unpacking their bags and organising themselves for their day of learning, the R2 students move to the Covered Outside Learning Area with the students from R4 and R5. 

Morning play-based learning has been a fantastic opportunity for all students to develop their social and oral language social skills through play-based activities. During our morning play sessions, the students from R2 have made new friends and enjoyed exploring this new learning space. 

The class favourites include a marble run, train set, animals and blocks! 


HASS in 2022

HASS has kicked off for the year!  It has been exciting to see our returning students and to see how much they have grown up over the holidays. This semester we are learning about Australian History. Whilst this topic varies across the classes, all year levels are well and truly submerged in their study areas now!


Clean Up Clovelly Park Primary School

To coincide with Clean Up Australia Day on March 6th Classes G3 & G4 decided to use this opportunity to Clean up Clovelly Park Primary School!

We were sent bags and gloves to use to pick up rubbish around our school.  We decided to focus on the Bush Tucker Garden as well as Hattie’s Garden, as they are part of a garden project that both classes are undertaking. Students were shocked at the amount of rubbish that was collected from such a small area. 

We are tidying up the gardens as well as planting new plants (peas, carrots, lettuce, cauliflower, spinach) for us to cultivate and hopefully eat.  We added some new worms to our worm farm, where we deposit our daily food scraps.

We are growing in our awareness of our environment and the impact that we have on it.  After seeing the amount of rubbish that was collected, we are now looking into ways that we can have an impact on the amount of rubbish that is in our school.