School Wide Positive Behaviours

Positive Climate for Learning


At Edgars Creek Secondary College we continue to build a positive climate for learning through teaching and re-teaching positive behaviours within the school community.


In 2019 staff, students and community members all consulted and participated in developing our Matrix of Expected Behaviours. This matrix is a guide for all members of Edgars Creek Secondary College to ensure a safe, orderly and respectful learning environment for all. The Matrix is visible to all throughout the college.


Our Matrix of Expected Behaviours is based around our core values of Respect for All, Aim to Innovate, Embrace Learning and Look to Inspire Yourself and Others. An example of one of our expected behaviours is “I respect other people’s ideas and listen with an open mind”. We will continue to teach each of the expected behaviours as we move through the academic year.




What is School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB)?


“ Students learn appropriate behaviour in the same way a child who doesn’t know how to read – through instruction, practice, feedback and encouragement.”

  • Promoting wellbeing at school can substantially improve social and emotional outcomes of young people. 
  • School-wide positive behaviour support (SWPB) is a whole-school framework which provides school professionals with an approach to promote improved behaviour at their school. 
  • SWPB has been developed from evidence and data, demonstrating the most effective ways to prevent and respond to problem behaviour at school. 
  • Research has shown that SWPB is successful in reducing problem behaviour, improving school culture, and increasing academic performance.
  • Over time teachers in a SWPB school develop an understanding of the complex environmental reasons that may lead to problem behaviour
  • SWPB uses corrective responses that are fair, logical and consistent
  • Helps students develop the ability to self-regulate behaviour