School Review and Evaluation 

School Review and Evaluation 2020.

During March the College will participate in the School Review process. A school review helps a school community by identifying goals and targets to improve student outcomes in the school’s next four-year School Strategic Plan. The school review model is designed to reflect the significance of review outcomes for school leadership, professional practice, curriculum content, student voice and school culture. Although Edgars Creek Secondary College is only two years old, the review provides us with an excellent opportunity to celebrate what we have achieved so far and set clear strategic goals for the next 3-4 years.


The school review model emphasises continuous improvement. It affirms that every student, no matter their background or circumstances, has a right to learn in a school committed to improvement. It maintains that every school can, and will, improve. The review empowers teachers and school leaders. It approaches school improvement as a school-based endeavour that draws upon professional expertise and a collective commitment to professional practice across the school in ways that are responsive to student learning, engagement and well-being.


The school review includes assessing the minimum standards for school registration as set in the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017. Meeting compliance requirements is important, however, excellent schools in a high performing school system go further. Activating our shared purpose and our professional accountabilities as educators leads us to evaluate and revise the influence of teaching and leadership practice on student learning and school culture. This is what we have aimed to do at Edgars Creek since our opening.


The school review panel consists of a team of both College and DET personnel who work together over three days: Validation day; Fieldwork day and the Final day to evaluate the current progress the College has made; collect evidence of this and plan for the next three years. Staff and students are also involved in focus groups and class observations across the three days.


Our Core review panel consists of:

Olwen Horton - School Reviewer

David Kilmartin - DET Senior Engagement and Improvement Leader

Anthony Simone - Principal of Harvest Home Primary School

Lino Pagano - Principal of Mt. Ridley P-12 College

Jo Camozzato - Principal of ECSC

Glen Cowan - Assistant Principal of ECSC

Phil Adams - Assistant Principal of ECSC

Taryn Godley - Assistant Principal of ECSC

Chantelle Gianinotti - Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Melanie Taimani - School Council President.


The core team will be examining the College data sets and evidence of practice with the intention of formulating the Strategic Plan which will guide the development of teaching and learning and building a positive climate for engagement into the future.


By Joanne Camozzato.