Camps incursions & excursions

Upcoming Year 7 – Camp Dewar

Friday 13th March

We are currently finalising our preparation for the upcoming one day Camp Dewar. The year 7 camp is a fantastic opportunity for all of our year 7 students to learn to work together to embrace our school values:

  • by Embracing the opportunity to collaboratively solve challenges at the camp
  • by building Respect for each other and teachers whilst undertaking these activities
  • By Looking to inspire yourself with your team while Aiming to be innovative in how you solve the challenges in the  “Great Race".

The students will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities that includes canoeing, archery, ropes courses, and range of team building activities as part of the “Great Race” across a series of check points. I have included a sample of the types of activities below

Checkpoint 1:

Up the Creek: To complete this challenge you will need teamwork and communication to stay DRY!!  

Checkpoint 4:

Key Punch: Can your team touch all of the numbers before time runs out! You have 3 attempts. 

Checkpoint 5:

Any Robin Hoods?: Is your team on target? Find this checkpoint and your instructor will explain the activity, but just know that your score relies on the accuracy of your final shot! 

Checkpoint 7:

Challenge in the trees: It is a true balancing act; use your teamwork and communication skills to complete two of the team initiatives. (Scored and Timed Activity)

Checkpoint 11:

All Aboard: Paddle over to Lake Dewar’s island to find your hidden challenge. Shhhhh, this activity must be done in silence. Good luck! (Timed Activity)



Upcoming - Victorian Space Science Centre (VSSEC) “Reach for the Stars” - Year 7 students preparing water-based Rockets for Launch!

The College has organised VSSEC to visit the school 11 and 12th March to deliver this specialist program over two class periods to each of our year 7 classes as part of the schools focus on STEM.

The program is designed to provide our students with a hands-on opportunity to learn about the transformation of one sort of energy into another and the conservation of energy. This gives students a strong understanding of 2 Victorian Curriculum descriptors:

  • Energy appears in different forms including movement (kinetic energy), heat, light, chemical energy and potential energy; devices can change energy from one form to another.
  • Change to an object’s motion is caused by unbalanced forces acting on the object; Earth’s gravity pulls objects towards the centre of Earth. 

By Glen Cowan.