House Athletics

House Athletics

On Tuesday 25th February we had our first Edgars Creek Secondary College athletics carnival at Meadowglen International Athletics Stadium! It was an exciting and fast-paced day which gave the students an opportunity to participate in a variety of athletics events and encourage other students in their house to win to earn house points. All students displayed the school values of respect as they participated in all events with sportsmanship congratulating each other if they won and look to inspire yourself and others as students participated to the best of their abilities. I definitely enjoyed watching the emerging talent put on some very impressive performances in events, as well as the encouragement and friendships that were displayed between students throughout the day.


Congratulations to the following students who accumulated the most points from participating in events throughout the day and received medals.

Year 7 Boys                                                                      Year 7 Girls

1st place - Isaac Deak (Doherty)                              1st place - Reyanna Khalil (Wollert)

2nd place - Broadi Foster (Doherty)                       2nd place - Ida Deran (McDonald)

3rd place - Maki Faale (McDonald)                          3rd place - Elle Onisofourou

Year 8 Boys                                                                        Year 8 Girls

1st place - Ali Al Salloum (Doherty)                        1st  place - Melisa Demollari (Wollert)

2nd place - Shammah Poto (Doherty)                   2nd place - Mia Timotheou (Jenkins)

3rd place - Raihan Khan (McDonald)                     3rd place - Emilia Forte (Wollert)

Year 9 Boys                                                                        Year 9 Girls

1st place - Jude Georgievski (Doherty)                 1st place - Liliana Ladoo (Wollert)

2nd place - Abdurahman Mohamed (Doherty)  2nd place - Shaikha Shaik Mohamed (Wollert)

3rd place - Daniel Rakhlin (Wollert)                        3rd place - Emelia Kazimoski (McDonald)


"My favourite thing was doing the relay and 800m because I won both and I won 2nd place in discus which was my aim. I enjoyed spending time with my friends all day at each of the events and next year I am going to aim to win more events so I can get a medal and help Wollert get more points."

Amal Darrage 8A (Wollert)


"I enjoyed every event because everyone got an opportunity to participate during the day. I got 1st place in the 100m which was an exciting race because it was so close. In long jump I didn't win but I got a PB of 3.59m and I had an excellent day getting to compete in events including the 800m where I came 3rd."

Manjir Kamurcharya 7A (McDonald)


"My favourite part of the day was winning overall champion for year 7 girls. I came first in long jump and 800m, and 2nd in 100m. I had lots of fun mucking around with my friends being able to talk to them all day. Next year I'm looking forward to winning more events and having more fun as I help Wollert get more points."

Reyanna Khalil 7C (Wollert)


"Yesterday was an enjoyable day where I got to do a bit of a warm up before nationals in a few weeks. I managed to get a 6.30m in long jump and 12.65m in triple jump. I enjoyed having a laugh with my mates at all the events and the positivity that was displayed between the year 9 boys as we encouraged each other. I am looking forward to competing against everybody again next year at the second carnival."

Jude Georgievski 9D (Doherty)