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Library Orientation Sessions

Welcome all students, families and teachers both returning and new.

We have started the year off with library orientation sessions for all students. Our library provides access to a variety of materials in different formats both physical and online. To familiarise yourself with the information of the library you can access the library website directly from the school website. It is located under the student tab called ‘Library’.


Clicking on this link takes you to the library website which looks like the image below. This provides access to the virtual library and the many online resources that are curated for students to access.


You can access the catalogue, reading resources, online newspapers, online databases and links to help develop research skills. Additionally, via the ePlatform, students can access our eBook platform and borrow both eBooks and eAudio books. We have over 2600 titles available for students to access anywhere, anytime and develop their love of recreational reading. All students had an orientation of both the physical library and the virtual library and are well underway with their borrowing of materials.






Reading is linked to overall learning success and a key predictor of high achievement. Explore the library website and become familiar with the resources that will help you achieve learning success. Even better explore the resources that will help grow enjoyment in reading for pleasure.

Student voice and choice

The school library provides students with the opportunity to suggest books for the library. This can be contributed by completing the ‘suggest-a-book’ slip, via the 'contact us' tab on the library website or via the wheelers ePlatform.


Survey of student views of the library.

The library is interested in developing a library and space that meets the needs of students and the school community. A survey for all students about views of the library has been shared. The link to the survey is  and it takes less than two minutes to complete.

If you haven’t contributed to the survey please do so because your feedback is valuable and helps us to develop a library that is suited to your learning and recreational needs. So far we have had 21 responses to the survey and would like much more. Remember it’s your library so please tell us what you want to see in the space. Below is the result of one of the questions from the survey.




Want to review a book and share a recommendation with other students? Please submit reviews to and it will be published in the school newsletter.



Wayward Son (Simon Snow series book 2)

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Published by Pan Macmillan 2019 and available via the Wheelers ePlatform

Reviewed by Mare Maticevski

This is the second in the Simon Snow series with the character development growing as they embark on an adventure in the USA. Hybrid writing styles, genres clashing, colliding and coming together to form a beautiful new story landscape is exciting. A road trip with vampires, magickals, normal and a future sci-fi hybrid level up combination is all part of the mix. Who can you trust and who will betray? Throw in a road-trip, a kidnapping, fight sequences and quiet zones (where powers don’t work) and the journey is gripping! Insight into each character is developed via internal dialogue, alternate perspectives and transformation of story via the delivery of first perspective voice. If you loved Carry On, you will love this more.








Mare Maticevski

Teacher Librarian and Library Resource Centre Manager