Beginning of Term Four 

Welcome Back to Term Four and the students are ready for an exciting and rewarding time of learning. It is great to hear the sounds of the children playing and to see them reconnecting with their friends after the holidays.

Spring is here and we need to remind the children to wear their hats each day. We have had nets installed on the grassed area during  the holidays. The purpose of the nets is to make the playground a safer place for the children and to create greater opportunities for outside games.  We can be already be certain that the installation of the nets has have very successful. In all play times this week there have been significantly less children reporting to teachers that they have been hit by balls. Mr. Tobin  has already found practical uses for  them for  in the sports lessons.  This term, we have added Art activities to Learning Street and increased the days it is open (the Library has decreased to two days a week) to three days a week. This strategy is currently attracting about 40 students to Learning Street. This has led to less congestion in the main playgrounds. As a result, the students appear more engaged in their playing and there has been a significant increase in the amount of students playing safely.

Thankyou to the parents for the fundraising that has made the installation of the nests possible in 2017.


This term we will welcome back Mrs Flint- Peterson (Miss Hart). Today I asked her how she was going, and she said, "After travelling the world for three months, there is no place I would rather be than here at Galilee." 

Gaililee ART Show

Please put this date in your diary.........

Beautiful Art work created by our wonderful students under the guidance of Mrs Orr. 

The Galilee School Art Show is a chance for the students to showcase their year in Art! 

It is a favourite night on the school calendar and in 2017 we are hoping to make it a night to enjoy for the whole school community.

Wine and Beer tastings and sales

Cheese snacks/Taco Truck/Hot Dogs

Come and let the children eat  a Taco or a Hot Dog, whilst you explore the Art Show and maybe try some new wine and craft beers with some cheese and fruit.

More details to follow!

World Teachers' Day

Yesterday we celebrated World Teachers' Day. It was a fabulous morning where the children wrote messages of appreciation to the teachers and staff and gave them 'World's Best Teacher' badges. The Year 6 students  have created a wall on the windows in the hall if you would like to take a look at some of the messages. Our staff and parents  enjoyed a cup of coffee from Justin and our wonderful Class Representatives created a delicious  morning tea for the staff. During the afternoon assembly the students presented all the teachers and staff with an certificate of achievement. We thank all of the parents and students involved in showing apprecaition to the staff.

It was a wonderful experience for the children to be given a voice to acknowledge and celebrate with their teachers. We would like to send a huge thankyou to everyone who participated in creating such a terrific event and the students for their positive  and enthusiastic comments. 

Life Ed Van

This week all classes have taken part in  Life Education lessons in the 'Harold Van'.  I would encourage all you to take the opportunity to have a conversation with their children about what they have learnt or discovered from the lesson, to help them consolidate their learning and be informed of what they  learnt.  A number of parents took advantage of the session prepared for them.

Summer Uniform and Hats

The children may begin to wear their summer uniform from the beginning of Term Four. Children may wear either summer or winter uniform until Cup Weekend, after which they are expected to wear their summer uniform. Hats are compulsory in Term Four. 

Change to P.E lessons

Year 3C and 4G will have P.E lessons tomorrow October 13.  Students will need to wear their sport uniform.

Performing Arts

The students have enjoyed having Performing Arts with Mrs Reid and Miss Carnovale in 2017. Today the students were demonstrating their learning as I (Mr Millar) walked through their class.

School Review

This week we have taken part in a Review that all Catholic schools take part in every four years. Last Tuesday the Reviewer, Christine Wakeling, met with groups of students, parents and staff. This Friday she will work with a panel, made up of staff and a parent (Donna McMaster - SEB Chairperson), to formulate future goals for Galilee. On November 14, she will present a report to the staff and the School Education Board with details being released to the school community afterwards.