Human Rights and Equity

Suspend and Extend

OGEA members, we have found ourselves in unprecedented times in education and in our country.  Let’s reflect on the affects to us, students and their families. Friday, March 13, 2020 we went from teaching our classes, laughing about the oddities of Friday the 13th to the utter shock of knowing we would not be returning to school for three weeks.  In a matter of minutes our world as we knew was turning upside down. For some, panic set in, others took a more relaxed approach. Regardless of which side you landed on, you were then dealt with, ‘What do I do now?”

During this COVID 19 Pandemic, OGEA Equity and Human Rights Committee asks you to suspend and extend.  Suspend any thoughts that could be perceived as stressful or negative and extend compassion and hope.


Suspend ________________ and Extend ______________ statements


Suspend the notion of giving a grade for GPA and extend the notion of learning doesn’t have to always result in a letter grade.

Suspend the need to advance the GATE student now and extend the need to reach that below grade level student.

Suspend the idea of business as usual and extend the idea of virtual learning

Suspend page 45 (or the such) and extend a hands on approach.

Suspend calling out your colleague for not having the same mindset as you and extend an opportunity to dialogue.

Suspend lecturing and extend a listening ear.

Suspend an expectation that requires a certain level of economics and extend an expectation that all can reach with independent effort.

Suspend the idea of what all students should be doing and extend the idea of how to reach those who are having trouble doing it.

Suspend the idea that students should be completing all assignments and extend the idea of delivering opportunities for learning that kids can do.