Principal's Message

Final Week of Off-Campus Learning


Parents as Teachers 

I recall the first time, my wife and I attempted “home schooling”.  We were homeschooling our children ‘on and off’ for the past ten years. There were some very stressful times but also many really neat memories. We still watch the videos we recorded from their home lessons.  


If I wore a hat I would take that hat off to all our hard working, innate teacher-capacity parents who have spent the past 7 weeks making adjustments for learning for their children at home.  


I truly believe that our parents are indeed the first teachers anyway.  In a devotional called “In Heavenly Places”, p. 209, Ellen White states that “Parents are the first teachers of their children and by the lessons that they give, they, as well as their children, are being educated”.  


Even after all students return to school on June 9, I would like to continue to emphasise the importance of the home as the place where a lot of learning still continues to take place. Parents will always have the greatest impact and influence on their children.  Teachers, we can share in that role whilst the children are with us, however, we will always applaud and acknowledge the significant power of the parent in the development of character, ability and belief.  


You’ve all done such an amazing job these past few months and on behalf of Heritage College leadership and staff, I say, “Thank you”.

Some important dates again

June 5 - Student Free Day. There will be no school for all students. This includes students who have been registered for on-campus learning.


June 8 - Public Holiday. The school will be closed for all staff and students. 


June 9 - First day back for the entire school. 

Please note that our bus services will resume fully. Thus, unless we hear from you, our bus drivers are expecting to pick your children up from their regular pick up places.  


Please call your bus driver to let him or her know if this is not the case. This is very important as you have the opportunity to save our bus drivers a very long time of pointless driving if you do not need the service. Thanks for your understanding with this and for helping our drivers. 


Necessary items to bring

Also please note the following:

- Bring a water bottle

- Bring all stationery, books, required homework for assessment. 

- Wear Winter Uniform or sports uniform depending on your schedule

Pick up/drop off

Until the end of term, parents will not be allowed to enter the school unless it is absolutely necessary. Thus, please continue to either just pick up or drop off from your respective car parks. 


If you have to enter the school grounds for whatever reason, please call into the office, have your temperature checked and sign in. You will need to carry a lanyard around you and then drop this off again after you have gone into the school and returned. It is important that if you enter the school grounds that you adhere to all social distancing regulations, which by now, everyone should be familiar with, eg. 1.5 metres distance to other adults and children. 

Regular Expectations

Please note that with school resuming in its regular capacity that the following procedures need to be adhered to:

  • Bell times are back to normal
  • Mobile phones are to remain out of sight - locked in lockers and not used during school times.
  • If your child does not have the correct uniform - please write a note and send in with your child.
  • If your child is going to be away, please inform admin
  • If your child is sick, please keep your child home

If you have any questions please feel free to call our front desk or email anyone in College leadership or admin. 


All the best for the long weekend ahead and may God continue to bless and keep you all as we start the journey toward the end of the most challenging Term 2 in Australia’s history.


God bless, 


Mr Sonny Aiono