Foundation Students

Celebrating our  fabulous Foundies!

FA - Miss Zoe

We have officially begun our Soundwaves program and each week we choose a letter for a craft activity. As well as being a bit of fun, craft is great for developing fine motor skills and emphasizes the importance of listening to instructions. Last week, we completed our "M - Mouse". They are all very cute!


FB - Miss Ady

Rio has been doing an outstanding job during remote learning, Here is a picture of one of his activities where he ‘wrote’ his name with cars!


What a fabulous job Quinn is also doing during her learning time at home. Here she is with her toys that she has ordered from smallest to largest. She makes a very cute toy, I think!


FC - Miss Lou and Mrs Clancy

Foundation C had a wonderful time learning the months of the year this week. We learnt our birthdates and created amazing birthday cakes to match!