Student Awards 

Student of the Week - 13/11/2020

01A - Taylor - For being motivated all week to complete your tasks. You did an especially great job with your “wh” craft. Keep it up! 

01J - Madilyn - For excellent work during class activities this week, and for working hard to improve her reading skills. Well done Madilyn!

12R - Aiden - For working and playing responsibly. Well done Aiden! 

23C - Blake - All round fantastic work this week. You are having a go at all tasks and working with others to achieve team goals. You have started a great writing piece on your pirate. Well done. 

34S - Jaxson - For an excellent set of results in your Online Assessments this week – they show what a brilliant year you have had – Well done Jaxson! 

34W –Charlotte  - Excellent week’s work! Marvelous math's, focused reading, sizzling writing and being accountable for your behaviour.

56H  - Shelby - For trying your best during every activity. You approach all tasks with a positive attitude and demonstrate good leadership skills with our little buddies.  Well done! 

56S - Cadence - For participating constructively and enthusiastically in the canoeing and Fauna Park activities during the Year 5-6 Excursion. Your written recount of these activities was interesting and your thoughts were clearly explained. Fantastic Effort!

Science - Riley C. - For outstanding work for the topic of Physics – Rocket Design. He remained focused throughout the lesson and demonstrated resilience when faced with difficult situations. 

Values - Ava G., Ella P. and Marli - For demonstrating all school values this week and for taking the time to mentor and assist younger students in the school during debating.  

Reader of the Week - 13/11/2020

Prep/1A - Ajay - For excelling in your recognition of sight words. Keep it up! 

Prep/1J - Ryan - For remembering to bring his take home reader to school, and for working hard to improve his reading skills. 

1/2R - Emily -  For working hard to progress to the next level in reading. 

2/3C - Zavier M. - For great comprehension when reading. You use lots of skills when trying to decode unfamiliar words. Well done. 

3/4S - Matty - For getting stuck in to reading at every opportunity – the persistence and hard work is really paying off Matty! 

3/4W - Jordan - For interpreting what you are reading well and thinking about the main idea across a wide range of text types. 

5/6H - Summer -  For reading every morning. 

5/6S - Will - Always reading and engaging in a range of interesting, appropriate books! 


Student of the Week - 20/11/2020

01A - Justice - For a fantastic week of work! Your effort to complete all your math's tasks was impressive. It is wonderful to see such great motivation! 

01J - Liam - For excellent work during class activities this week, and for working hard to improve his writing skills. Well done Liam! 

12R - Whole Class - For their enthusiasm to learn and for their responsible behaviour at the Fauna Park. 

23C - Brodie - Fantastic work during the Crime Scene Investigation activity. You worked well in your group and came up with a lot of great ideas and backed them up with the clues. Superb inferencing. 

34S - Taesharn - For the calm and responsible way that you include your younger buddies in activities – I know they love having you as a friend! 

34W – Mia - You have consistently worked very hard on your writing tasks this week. 

 Well done Mia! Great work and keep it up! 

56H  - Riley - For trying really hard with your writing. Your Geelong Gaol (jail) information report was very informative and interesting to read. Keep up the good work! 

56S - Joshua - For participating constructively and enthusiastically in all the team building and leadership activities during the Murray Life Adventures Year 6 Excursion. Your written recount of these activities was interesting and your thoughts were clearly explained. A fantastic effort! 

Science - Khan-Lee, Brody, Mia and Tahnee 3/4W - For amazing and dedicated work for the topic of Physics. These students have gone above and beyond to design, build and test an air powered rocket and to win this week’s distance challenge. Congratulations!

Art - Addi - For an excellent lesson in art this week. Well done with your ‘Bee work” 

Music - Jessie - For an excellent lesson in Music this week. You joined in with enthusiasm. 

Values - Tom - This week’s values award goes to a student who can always be relied on to do the right thing, assist teachers, help others in need, complete all set work, all with a polite and respectful attitude. Congratulations Tom!. 

Reader of the Week - 20/11/2020

Prep/1A - Zoey - For flying through your sight words! Very impressive work. 

Prep/1J - Lexie - For sounding out words when reading, and for working hard to write sentences about text. Great work Lexie! 

1/2R - Sophia -  For a fantastic consistent effort with her Home Reading. 

2/3C - Jacob - A great day at the Fauna Park for the P-2 excursion. Your enthusiasm to read all the information and ask questions was impressive. You worked through the unfamiliar words used your reading strategies to strengthen your comprehension. Well done. 

3/4S - Billy - I am so impressed with the focus you show when reading the book you have chosen Billy, and I am super impressed with your Online Assessment improvement too! 

3/4W - Edith - For enjoying your reading this week. You have been totally engaged in what you have been reading everyday during ‘Read To Self’ time. 

5/6H - Adam -  For reading a wide variety of texts. 

5/6S - Charlie - Always reading and engaging in a range of interesting, appropriate books!