From the Principal's desk 

Today we had our first assembly together as a school since Term 1! It was great to have all the children together to sing the national anthem and receive their student awards. As stated in the media today, the education department has modified several restrictions. The following changes that primarily impact us are:

  • Schools may now hold whole school assemblies. No parents permitted.
  • Children may now drink out of bubble taps at school.
  • Kinder/Prep and Grade 6/Year 7 Orientation Day on Tuesday, December 8th will proceed as it has in the past.
  • Parents are permitted to attend Year 6 Graduation subject to public gathering limits.
  • school tours are permitted

Year 6 Graduation

Preparations are well underway for our Year 6 Graduation and as stated in the last Principal update, the sit-down dinner for the students and ceremony will take place in the Multi-purpose Room on Tuesday 15th December. Unfortunately, the room is not large enough to meet the density quotient of one adult per 4m2, but we will stream the formal part of the evening and set up audiovisual in the school courtyard/s. Towards the end of the evening, the children will come outside, perform a song, and refreshments will be served. There are still restrictions in place for the number of adults that we can have on our premises at one time, so a note will be sent home early next week with further details.


New Leading Teacher Appointment

I am pleased to announce that Jedd Wright has been appointed as our new Leading Teacher and will be teaching in the Prep-2 area next year. Jedd has previously taught at Grahamvale Primary School, Kantandra West Primary School, and Greater Shepparton Secondary College. We look forward to working with Jedd in 2021.