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House Athletics Carnival - Friday August 16th .


Just a few reminders:

  • If you can help out, please contact Mrs Chisholm
  • Preps and Grade 1s will finish at the track at 2pm
  • All other grades will finish at 2.30pm
  • Age groups are calculated by age at 31st December 2019
  • Mrs Chisholm will be at the track by 8am.  Parent helpers please meet at the track ASAP. 

Thank you in advance for all your help. 


Bonny Chisholm

PE Specialist


Dress Up Day for Book Week – Friday 23rd August


Maroondah Region Girls Day -Manson Reserve

To promote Women's AFL, 19 girl teams from across Maroondah District played in a  AFLW Gala Day on Thursday August 1st. The weather was fine but it was very cold and the Marlborough Team played with energy and competitiveness all day.  We played 4 games and then played a friendly game against Antonia Park. We won our last game, the girls got some confidence from getting scores as our team kicked some awesome goals.  We were all so excited and the teams sportsmanship was commendable.

Two special guest speakers came to talk to the girls at lunchtime.  Sarah Perkins from Hawthorn FC and Charlotte Wilson who plays for Carlton AFLW. There were encouraging and inspiring for all the girls with their speeches.


A huge special thank you goes to parent helpers Beth Allen and  Dean Connell who walked with us and spent the whole day helping out. Also thank you for Ms Cronin who walked with students who competed in Westpac Mathematics competition to the venue and Ms Mackney for their mercy dash for gear for one of our students. Other parents and grandparents who came to watch and support deserve a big thank you and finally Will T  who was our terrific  goal umpire.


The Captain of Marlborough Team was Jordy A  and Vice-Captain, Stephanie C.

Other Team Members included Kira S, Ebony S, Ebony C, Christina B, Tamieka G, Beth G, Mia G, Abby S, Jamie T, Chelsea A, Denneil J, Florence B, Tahlia R, Ava D and Taylise Goddard.

Great jobs girls. Great job Marlborough, you made us all proud.


Bonny Chisholm

PE Specialist 

Volleybounce Grand final Friday August 2nd, 2019.


The following students Jamie T, Rubee P, Caelan O.M.M, Bailey O.M.M , Daniel H, Jake S and Nathan C competed with great sportsmanship and competitiveness to win the Maroondah District Volleybounce final against St Anne’s Primary School. The team played three sets. Lost the first one, won the second and was down in the third 0-9 to come back and win the decider 17- 15.  A terrific effort and comeback , well done Marlborough.


The following comments were made by parent helper and driver, Meralda Bateman:


“Most impressive of all was the sportsmanship from both teams. Park Orchards were exceptional in the respect and encouragement they showed all players from both teams and Marlborough did us proud. 2 players down and they managed to stay (mostly) positive throughout with lots of encouragement for their team mates and the other team, particularly when the pressure was on or a mistake was made.

Couldn't be prouder of our kids - it is a testament to what a great school Marlborough is. ”


This event could not have occurred without Meralda Bateman, Jamie’s mum,  and Kirstin Ricketts , Rubees mum who gave up their time and drove the students to and from Saint Anne’s P. S. A huge thank you. Let’s Go Marlborough, Let’s Go!


Bonny Chisholm

PE Specialist

Walk to School 2019


Bendigo Bank School Banking



Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.