Chess Report v Farrer

On Thursday the 22nd March the O’Connor Chess team played Farrer in the third round of the regional competition.  Here is a quick commentary on the games


Okay chess off and running

New player Conor Dennehy on board 4 due to a late withdrawal, an injury to Tom Honeysett (he hurt his wrist on a slippery board while playing in the wet).


Conor Dennehy the new gun looks good asserting himself .

Jacob Minehan board 2 likes to live dangerously gets his queen out early.

Elizabeth Lee on board 3 has a messy opening. Is it a ploy?

Cameron Roan on board 1 the iceman playing it cool.


Oh no Cameron Roan a piece down forked by a pawn. His opposite now going for an exchange at every opportunity.


Conor Dennehy loses his rook and is looking nervous in his first game in the big arena.


Elizabeth Lee loses a knight but can exchange for a bishop if she sees it.

She doesn’t, all four boards in trouble early.


Jacob Minehan playing chess like trump plays politics he is building a wall.


Farrer looking strong on all 4 boards the pressure mounts.


Jacob Minehan goes a piece up that work the Russians have put into his game is paying off.


Conor Dennehy back level pegging two pieces down each.  Things are looking up for the team.


Elizabeth Lee 3 pieces down and in trouble can she force a stalemate?


Jacob Minehan moving in for mate, oh no he does not see it and misses the opportunity.


Cameron Roan down to just pawns while his opponent has a bishop and all his pawns.  Cameron will be fighting for an end game, which is not his forte. His opponent promotes pawn to a queen best Cameron can hope for is a stalemate now.

Cameron Roan loses board 1 down, Elizabeth Lee follows quickly board 3 gone as well


Jacob Minehan has his opponent on the ropes but there is an alley of uncertainty.


Conor Dennehy loses his queen. His opponent has the upper hand a queen up.


Death taxes and check mate it was inevitable. Conor Dennehy goes down we lose board 4.


All eyes turn to Jacob Minehan on board 2 our only hope of a win for the season.  We all gather round to watch, its like a documentary on steel ship building.


Jacob Minehan loses his queen but is still in the game.

His opponent is stalling, but Jacob has a plan. He pushes his pawn downtown.

His opponent moves his queen like the shark in Jaws, circling for the kill.

Jacob Minehan strikes, he forces his opponent to take his pawn and it’s a Trojan horse play.  Does his opponent see it?.  Jacob moves his Rook to the end row and like an Australian at the end of good meal at a restaurant calls “Check mate”.

What a game one and a half hours.

Well done to Cameron Roan, Elizabeth Lee, Jacob Minehan and the “ROOKie” Conor Dennehy.


Ian Tonkin

Chess Coordinator