On behalf of Duval High School I would like to extend a warm invitation to you, your  Year 10, 11 and 12 students, their parents and teachers to attend our local Community Careers Festival.


Date and Venue

DATE:                        Wednesday 26th July 2017

TIME:                        4.30pm  -  7.30pm.

VENUE:                     Duval High School


The festival is scheduled to run from 4:30-7:30 in order to provide an opportunity for parents, carers and businesses to attend without disrupting their working day.



The Careers Festival is an engaging event aimed at providing our young people and the community with an opportunity to explore career options and identify future career pathways.


Duval High School will host over 70 representatives from various businesses/industries, training providers, government departments and educational providers to highlight some examples of what is currently available to our students beyond secondary school within our local community.


The Careers Festival will be an interactive event where students’ parents and the community can engage in activities and discuss career opportunities with local businesses in a fun and educational environment.


The Festival aims to provide students with sound career information and knowledge prior to subject selection. Students can use this experience to choose courses that reflect their career planning. The interactive Festival is specifically designed to stimulate student interest and provide an opportunity for us all to celebrate our careers, share knowledge and guide our youth towards a happy and successful life after high school.


Student Engagement

To ensure student engagement and traffic throughout the exhibit hall, a Passport Program has been initiated to encourage students to visit multiple exhibitors and gather as much information as they can so that they can make informed choices about their future.  Each Exhibitor/Stall holder will be issued with an individual stamp. A student must engage with a stall holder and gain relevant information before receiving a stamp that authenticates their interaction. Completed passports will go into a draw to win prizes such as a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 32 inch TV, iTunes vouchers, movie tickets, gift cards……………..and more.


The more stalls students visit, the more stamps they collect, the more chances they have in WINNING !!!!


We will also be running a video completion on the evening. Students will be encouraged to interview exhibitors and create a one minute careers video documentary.


Food & Entertainment

Throughout the evening there will be live entertainment, Easy As coffee, complimentary sausage sizzle and refreshments, fairy floss, PRIZES and a SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS FINALE!


Information & RSVP

Please visit for more information and encourage your students, parents and teachers to register for catering purposes.


Please feel free to email the attached flyer to you school community and share the attached Facebook post to your school Facebook community. I will also be delivering printed invitations within the next week.


As an educational leader, you are very influential in young people’s career decisions. Could you please take the time to encourage your students, parents and carers to attend, and support our local community.


Please click on the YouTube link to view our 2012 / 2014 Video Clip.


Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support.


Helpful Hints



How can I improve my marks and eliminate careless



1. Understand the formulae and know when and where

to apply it without making mistakes. This needs practice

and more practice! You want your working to become

second nature.

2. Get to know your formulae sheet! Memorisation +


context + practice --> to know what formulae to use and


when to use it. Learn a formulae and test it with a variety


of HSC questions. Try to remember how a formulae is


derived. If you can see the logic behind it, hopefully it


will be easier to understand and remember.


3. Set out your work properly to:

a) avoid making careless and therefore cheap errors

b) give the marker a clear picture of your logic and flow

of your argument. Remember, working gets marks!

c) solve harder problems

4. Simple steps to make your proofs clearer include:

a) Write a series of equations down the page rather than

in a single line. This should ensure enough space for

each equation. NB. = signs go under each other.

b) Explain what the variable you introduce means by either

indicating clearly on a diagram or by writing at the

top of your proof: Let X be the ..

c) Generally explain the steps in your proof. In other

words, talk to your marker, rather than letting them guess

your logic.

d) Practise full papers under exam conditions and aim

to eliminate careless mistakes. This won’t happen if the

first time you do so is in Trials and the second time is in


e) Use the 5 min reading time well. Pick out the questions

you know how to do and do them first. Don’t forget

Yr 11 topics. Approx. 30% of the Trial and HSC will be

from Prelim. topics. (not Ext2)

HSC Helpful Hints: SCIENCES.

This is your opportunity to let the examiners know that you have studied science for 6 years.

1. The key is to be able to understand and effectively


answer HSC style questions. You need to be able


to write clearly, articulately and concisely and not lose


marks for inaccurate, unspecific responses. Eg. if a question


is worth 4 marks give 4 targeted points. Break the


question down even if you only know how to answer part


of the whole question.


2. The syllabus is like the Bible. Know it and live by it

and your dot points.

3. Know your verbs and answer to them. Eg. Discuss requires

you to present benefits and disadvantages. Assess

requires the same + you need to give a judgement.

Explain is the most common verb used.

4. Practise, practise and practise past questions and

papers. Gradually do them under exam conditions to the

time and without notes. This will help you to become

familiar with the format and feel more confident if you

discover a curly question. Multiple choice is traditionally

Skillsroad Youth Census, Australia’s number one destination for career advice and entry level jobs, has just launched the Skillsroad Youth Census 2017, to collect Australia’s largest body of youth data to understand the current climate of Australia’s youth with regard to careers, wellbeing and stresses.


We are using psychologically grounded tools to assess how youth in Australia is flourishing, how satisfied they are with their lives currently and what they hope to achieve with their life.


We need your help!


We are appealing to you, the Skillsroad teaching community, to help us share the Skillsroad Youth Census 2017 with your students. In return, you will gain access to these unique insights, with expert analysis of youth perceptions. We want Australia’s youth to be heard to help shape the future of careers advice and work readiness education.


The Skillsroad Census is open until the end of June for Australian residents aged 15-24. Skillsroad and this survey, are initiatives of the business chamber movement in Australia.


Skillsroad Youth Census link:



Charles Sturt Campus

Just wanted to put in a last reminder regarding the upcoming MyDays at CSU’s Port Macquarie campus.  These days are a brilliant way for students to check out through a workshop a course they might be interested in, what CSU is like as a university and the campus.


I have attached a Student Flyer for each event – possibly entry into your newsletters this week!   Students still have time to register (parents are also welcome to attend with their child).


Monday  3rd July

Health based degrees                    Paramedicine, Physiotherapy, Exercise and Sport Science, Occupational Therapy *, Medical Radiation Science


Tuesday 4th July

All other degrees                             Accounting, Business, Graphic Design, Criminal Justice and Policing, Outdoor Recreation and Ecotourism, Parks, Heritage and Recreation*,

Environmental Science and Management*, Psychology, Social Work, Education(K-12).


*New in 2018


If you think you may have students interested in ANY of the theses courses we would be delighted to see then at the event – especially our new courses, Occupational Therapy, Environmental Science and Management and Parks, Recreation and Heritage.


The event is free and we provide a light morning tea and a lunch.


Student can register their interest on line at


If you have any questions regarding the events please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Kind Regards,

Bernadette Gammon

Prospective Student Adviser | Division of Marketing and Communications

Charles Sturt University

7 Major Innes Rd

Port Macquarie NSW 2444


Tel: +61 2 6582 9360

Mob: 0407 328 290


Library Request

Returning Books

It is getting towards the end of term and many students still have books borrowed out earlier in the year that need to be returned. Emails have been sent out to students regarding this and the library requests that these matters be resolved. Students with outstanding loans are asked to return the book.  


Students are asked to look carefully in the bedrooms, lockers and school bags to find items.  Please find and return books to avoid inconvenience at the end of the year.  If you think you have returned a book then please come and speak to the library staff.


READING OVER THE HOLIDAYS I encourage all students to continue to read over the holidays. Come and visit us in the Library if you need a new book!




Mrs Glenda Lemon

Careers Adviser/ Librarian