Principal's Report

Dear Parents

Learning and Reflection of Growth

As we approach the end of Term 2, I’d like to thank everyone, students, staff and parents for their efforts this term. When we work together we can more fully enhance the learning outcomes for everyone. Reports for Year 7 to 10 have been completed and sent and these provide a valuable source of reflection for student, teacher and parent. These questions are useful to help talk about student learning:

Where am I going?

What result will I be happy with by the end of this course?

What level of effort am I aiming for?

Where am I now?

How did I go on my Semester 1 Report?

Was I happy?

Can I improve?

What do I do next to move my learning forward?

What are my learning goals for Term 3?

What do I need to do to improve?


I have been really pleased, as I have read the reports and as I visit the classrooms, to see how the majority of our students are focussed on their learning and working hard to improve every day. We have high standards and there are consequences for students who continue to interrupt the learning.



We are trialling a new program to support our HSC and Preliminary students in their learning. It is called HSC Hub by atomi This program consists of short videos on specific syllabus points for many subjects. For Year 12 there are videos for 19 subjects and for Year 11 seven subjects. These are being continually added to and developed. Rob and Will from Atomi presented to Year 11 and 12 on Tuesday 20th June and all students and staff have access to the program. This is especially helpful for Year 12 students this holiday break and is a useful tool for them in their revision. Many teachers will be running study sessions these holidays. The library will be open for senior students on Thursday 13th July and Friday 14th July.


Staffing Changes Term 3

We will have a number of changes for Term 3 staffing:

Ms Jodi Wadling, Canteen Manager will have her last day on Thursday 29th June. We are moving to a leasing arrangement (see item in 'Information for Parents' ). I’d like to thank Jodi for her work in the Canteen for almost 10 years and wish her all the best for the future.

Mrs Heidi Gerberich, Literacy Teacher will be taking Maternity leave from Monday 17th July. Heidi has been an instrumental part of our work in the learning hub with the Leveled Literacy Interventions. She has also focused on enhancing writing across a number of subject areas co-teaching in RE and HSIE. We thank Heidi for her work and wish Heidi and her husband, Hunter all the best as they welcome their first child.

Miss Amanda Bell will replace Heidi as Literacy teacher for Term 3 and 4.

Mr Michael Wooster has decided to relinquish his role as HSIE Leader of Learning to concentrate on his teaching and implementing innovative practice into the classroom learning.

Miss Ellen Newberry was successful in gaining the role as HSIE Leader of Learning and we wish her well as she takes on this important leadership role. Ellen has shown outstanding leadership skills as Year 10 Leader and know she will continue to deepen her learning as a leader in this new role.

Miss Melita Roache was successful in gaining the role of Year 10 Leader. Melita is an outstanding leader and we look forward to working with her in a formal leadership role. She has excellent interpersonal skills and know that she will continue to develop her skills in leading Pastoral Academic.

Mr Garry Osborne will be taking leave for Term 3 and Mr Steve Kirkaldy will be replacing Garry while he is away. Steve is an experienced teacher who has been completing some relief work at O’Connor this term. We look forward to Steve working with us next term.


Professional Learning Day

The first day of Term 3, Monday 17th July  is a Staff Development Day. The library will be open for senior students for study. This day will continue our focus on learning and the belief that everyone can learn. We will look at ways to support the learning of all, student and teachers. These days are valuable in enhancing the professional capital of all staff and to allow for learning for staff.


Thanks again for a great Term 2.

God Bless

Regina Menz