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School Council Update – November 2020

  • A highlight of our meeting was hearing from JSC representatives Ryan and Andi. They reported that they were very glad to be back at school again with their teachers and friends and meeting with their fellow JSC representatives. The idea of a 2020 memory book was shared with us and we look forward to seeing the outcome. 
  • Christian’s Principal Report referred to 
    • the development and format of the Semester two reports;
    • the overwhelming success to date of the School Review 
    • features of the 2021 school year
    • the positive feedback received from parents of our school’s standing in the broader community (thanks also to those parents who attended the parent forum as part of the School Review last Monday – your collective feedback was very helpful and insightful)
  • The Finance committee and Council reviewed and endorsed the 2021 Indicative Budget. We also celebrated how well the school finances have been managed this year considering the lockdowns imposed. This has understandably led to the reduction of many services and activities that typically contribute to the income received by our school. School Council can reiterate that the school remains in a very sound financial position and there is a commitment in 2021 to increase the funding of curriculum programs and low class sizes will be a feature. 
  • The Uniform Committee shared the positive feedback from the school survey that Karen has been receiving about the operations of the Uniform shop. Due to parent requests, the committee also discussed the introduction of leggings to our school uniform as a stand-alone uniform item and not just to be worn under pinafores. Parents will be sent a poll on this topic via Compass soon. 
  • CHAPS have started planning some fantastic community and fundraising events for 2021 – please contact CHAPS if you would like to join or get involved next year. 

Thanks to the parents, teachers and additional school staff who volunteer their time to participate in School Council meetings and Sub Committee meetings. 

Our next meeting is in Feb 2021.

If you would like to attend as a guest or are considering joining SC in 2021, please email either myself ( or Christian Holdsworth (

Sian Jamison  –  School Council President