Assistant Principal's Update

Tracey Bastin
Tracey Bastin

Dear Families, Students and Community Members,


What a busy few weeks we have had finishing out the 2022 school year and starting 2023 Headstart this week! Well done to our Year 12 VCE students as exams finished last week. It was great to see so many students working with their VCE teachers during the examination period. We are looking forward to celebrate your hard work paying off when results are available next month. 



It was great to see all of our Class of 2023 students, along with parents, carers and staff at our Valedictory Evening at Southern Golf Club last Wednesday night. It was a great night filled with lots of videos, awards and laughs. Thank you to our School Captains, Emma Schultz and Daniel Loza and Principal, Michelle Roberts, for their speeches on the night. Thank you to our Year 12 Coordinator, James Nicklen and Director of Senior School, Tim Randell and our Promotions and Fundraising Leaders, Alessia Gantzos, Isabella Siddall and Aston Hewet, for hosting a wonderful evening. 


Student Led Conferences

Congratulations to our Middle School students for completing their Student Led Conferences last week. We had a near perfect online turn out and our Middle School teachers were impressed with the majority of presentations. Thank you to Simon Cummins, our Director of Student Engagement and Acting Assistant Principal for coordinating the Student Led Conferences program for over 650 students! Thanks to parents and carers who were able to attend the online conferences with our students and for following up with your child if you were unable to make the online conference on the day. 


Funfields Themepark Excursion

After preparation and presentation of our student led conferences our Middle School students were able to enjoy the next day together with their teachers for an enjoyable day at Funfields Themepark in Whittlesea. Although the weather has been colder than usual the students and staff still took full advantage of the waterslides, thrill rides and other fun attractions. A big thank you to our Director of Middle School, Brendan McFarland, for organising a wonderful day. 


Year 10 and 11 Exams

Our Year 10 and 11’s also completed their exam period last week. Although the students did well in their slightly modified exam period back in Semester 1, most students rose to the challenge of the full exam period for Semester 2. We are still working on building our exam stamina and this was a great step forward to further improvements in 2023. Thank you to our Senior Team for coordinating nearly 70 individual exam groups as well as a reschedules while our Year 12’s were also completing their VCAA exams. 


2023 Headstart

The students have made an enthusiastic start to the 2023 Headstart program. It has been great to see our students in their new classes ready to learn. A reminder that our bell times have changed for the 2023 school year.  Students all received a copy of the new bells via email and have received a hard copy of their planners this week. 


As starting the 2023 Headstart year can be a period of adjustment, please utilise the support available from our Wellbeing Team if needed. You can contact the team via the Wellbeing Team email A Wellbeing Team member will be in contact with you via MC email to organise a check in.


Finally I’d like to thank all of the staff, students and the wider school community for their support of each other and making the transition from our 2022 school year into our 2023 Headstart program such a positive one. Stay safe. 

Tracey Bastin

Assistant Principal