School Uniform

School Uniform

The Teesdale Primary School colours are royal blue, navy blue and white.

We expect to see each child in Teesdale uniform because it:

  • is neat and practical and a reasonably economical form of dress
  • gives a feeling of belonging and encourages pride in the school
  • promotes our school in the community
  • discourages peer pressure and fashion trends


  • Navy and royal blue polo shirt with school logo
  • Navy and royal blue rugby top with school logo (year prep to year 4)
  • Navy and royal blue bomber jacket (year 5 – year 6)
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit pants
  • Plain navy blue shorts
  • Pinafore with removable bib
  • Quality new option light dress
  • Navy blue hat with white logo – microfibre school hat (to be worn outside between the beginning of September and the end of April in line with the School’s SunSmart Policy)



  • Navy blue scarf
  • Navy blue beanie with school logo
  • Hair ties – white, navy blue or black
  • Skort – navy blue
  • Leggings - plain navy blue
  • Waterproof jacket – navy
  • Socks and tights – white, navy blue or black
  • Skivvy – white or navy blue

Please Note

All children’s clothing must be clearly labelled. Every effort is made to return lost property to the rightful owner.  Lost property is stored in the Junior and Senior School buildings. Thongs, open-toe sandals, ugg boots, platform soles, gum boots, canvas shoes, tank tops and skimpy tops are not permitted.

The Dress Code Policy, including school uniform requirements, are provided on our website.

School Bags

Can your child recognise their own school bag?  Attaching a key ring or some identifying items will help, as well as writing their name in permanent marker on the bag.

Reading Bag

All Foundation children will require a “school reading/library bag”.  These need to be waterproof and an appropriate size for sending home take home reading books and library books.

Art Smock

All children will require a long sleeve art smock or long sleeve shirt for Visual Arts classes. 

Uniform Supplier

Bellarine Uniforms (Noone Corporate)  Ph: 5221 9199

162 Moorabool Street, Geelong


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