Welcome to Teesdale Primary School



On behalf of the staff at Teesdale Primary School, we would like to welcome you to our school.


Teesdale Primary School is located in the centre of a growing rural community and offers the advantages of a rural lifestyle. The student population is currently around 240 students. 


A feature of the school is the iconic original 1878 brick building.  The school also has a unique mud-brick multi-purpose centre, which was built by the community and is used for the Outside School Hours Care and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.  Our vegetable garden is purpose designed and emulates the shape of Blue Tongued Lizard and the Southern Cross.


At Teesdale Primary School we have the enthusiasm and commitment to work as a team to realise the goals of our Strategic Plan, meeting the needs of every child and challenging each one to reach their highest potential. It is the mission of Teesdale Primary School to nurture thinking, caring and responsible people with the self-esteem and the application necessary to meet challenges with confidence and enthusiasm through our understood school values of:


  • Respect, acceptance and understanding for self and others
  • Resilience and persistence
  • Friendship and the promotion of active community involvement
  • Excellence, Creativity and risk-taking in learning
  • Honesty and citizenship and to understand and accept personal responsibility