Students of the Week

Certificates will be posted out to students during this period of Remote Learning:

Week ending Friday 8th May

Guntas K (PA) - For the exceptional work she has been doing at home. She does her Personal Best every time and it is always so neat and colourful. You’re a superstar, Guntas!

Rosie W (PB) - For embracing all aspects of remote learning with curiosity and enthusiasm. Rosie goes above and beyond what is asked of her.  It is a pleasure viewing Rosie’s work, as it is clear she always tries her Personal Best. Keep up the truly amazing work, Rosie!

Jacob W (PB) - For submitting outstanding written work. Jacob has been working extra hard to improve his writing and the results are fantastic. Jacob has been courageous and attempts new challenges. We are very proud of the efforts you are making, Jacob, well done!

Bethany H (12A) - For tackling each and every learning challenge with determination and gusto.

Jed P (12A) - For working so hard at home. Jed, it is lovely to see you writing so much and your spelling and handwriting are improving too.

Mitchell W (12B) - For following all our protocols for our first WebEx meeting, eagerly chatting and being respectful and responding to his peers. Mitchell also inspired us with his LEGO helicopter construction that he was able to show us.

Lillian H (12B) - For sharing her love of reading and the success she is experiencing since starting a new chapter book series. Lillian has become a voracious reader and is enjoying reading at home on wet cold days.

Annabelle V (12C) - For showing incredible resilience and Personal Best efforts. Annabelle, well done on completing your learning tasks while being ill.  Fantastic work! 

Jack E (34A) - For putting in an amazing effort with all of his tasks. You are doing a wonderful job with your learning and I can tell you’re applying your Personal Best! Keep it up, Jack.

Remy S (34A) – For working so hard to ensure her narrative is her Personal Best work. I have been so impressed to see you re-read your writing multiple times to check it makes sense and to improve your spelling and punctuation. Excellent work, Remy!

Felicity B (34B) - For working really hard and doing your Personal Best with all your learning tasks. It has been wonderful to see the effort you are putting in and the detail you are including. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing!

Charlotte W (56A) - For being thoughtful and using your remote learning time to write a kind letter to your Buddy in prep.

Lola R (56B)– For putting in 110% effort in everything she does. You have been working so hard from home and applying yourself to every learning opportunity. You should be very proud of yourself.

Jake S (56B) – For his application and self-motivation with remote learning. Jake has been putting in so much effort and producing some amazing work, especially in his reading tasks. Well done!

Carla D (56C) - For her motivation to complete all remote learning tasks to the best of her ability. Keep up your great efforts, Carla. 

Dove A (56C) - For completing a very thorough and well presented project on different biomes. Excellent work, Dove!