Principal Report

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to school for our final term for the year. It is great news that we are transitioning back to full on-site learning over the next few weeks. Please check regular updates on Class Dojo, Facebook, Sentral and the Skoolbag Ap, which spells out the dates when different year levels return. ALL children are back on-site from Friday 5th November.


Return to On-site Learning: The arrangements of how a return to On-Site Learning will look will be made in the next week or 2, including whether parents can enter the school grounds or whether they meet their child at an allocated gate. We are very keen to follow all health guidelines and are waiting for clarification around this.


Curriculum Day 1st November: We are currently seeking approval from School Council to postpone the date of the planned Curriculum Day from Monday 1st November (Cup Eve) to late November/early December. More details will be announced as soon as a final decision is made. 


Term 4 School Experiences: School is a very exciting place to be in Term 4 with many things to acknowledge and celebrate such as Year 6 Graduation, Year 6/7 Transition, Kinder Transition etc. How all these things will look are currently unknown. Again we are waiting for guidelines from the Department of Education and will let you know as soon as possible. We  have our fingers crossed that the Year 5/6 Camp planned for the last week of the year can go ahead as planned.


Prep Enrolments for 2022: If you have a child in preschool, or is turning 5 before 30th April 2022, we are accepting enrolments for Prep 2022. Please call the office for details and to book an appointment with a member of the Principal Class team, either by phone or by WebEx. If you have family or friends with children who should start school next year, please encourage them to contact the school for a Prep Enrolment Pack and an interview time. Unfortunately, we cannot do School Tours until things settle down. Once we get the all clear we will let everyone know because we are looking forward to showing everyone our wonderful school.


2022 Plans: We will be beginning the process of forming new class grouping for 2022 during Term 4. In order to know how many classes we will need please contact the office to let us know so we can plan accordingly. If you are unsure of the new school that is okay, we do not need to know that information at the moment. 


Special Requests for 2022 Class: Part of the work we do in term 4 is to form the new classes for the following year. if you have any concerns or requests about whom your child should or shouldn’t be with please put these in writing before Friday 29th October. Any requests received after this date WILL NOT be able to be considered, due to the flow-on effect that any changes to classes already created has across the board. I will need to stick to this timeline quite tightly to ensure the process runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Please note, requests for specific teachers will not be considered. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this process, please do not hesitate to contact the office to make an appointment to speak with me. 


High Levels of Learning for All







Michelle Costa