Year 4 News



In term 4 students are partaking in an author study where they will be analysing and critiquing the works of Margaret Wild. We will be reading many of her published books, where we will learn to look at the different techniques that authors use to engage their audience. Throughout the term we will be analysing how illustrations can add to the reader’s understanding of the characters, their actions and the mood of the story. We will learn about what a hook is and how these are used to draw readers into a book through their choice of vocabulary, description of characters or the build up of suspense. We will also be looking at how a character’s attributes, motives and changes are shown by an author, by looking at the evidence shown in the text. Towards the end of the term, we will move onto nonfiction texts where we will discuss the similarities and differences between some similar texts, as well as comparing them together to see how different text features are used to order and present information.




Grade 4 students will begin writing this term by looking at Narratives. Over the next few weeks they will build on their ability to independently plan, draft and publish a narrative text, where they will use language to describe the characters, setting, problem and solution in their story. We will be learning about how to group our ideas together into paragraphs so that our writing is coherent. Students will then be focusing on using different language features to make their writing engaging, such as verbs and imaginative adjectives. For the remainder of the term, we will be focusing on information reports. Students will learn how to plan, draft and publish an information report on their topic of choice, focusing on using the correct structure, technical vocabulary and features of an information report.




In mathematics, students will begin the term with Probability for a short amount of time where we will be conducting chance experiments and learning about how to represent our data in different forms (e.g. graphs). We then move onto another short unit on Patterns and Algebra, where students will work on their ability to solve number sentences using a variety of strategies. 

Our Fractions and Decimals unit will then be our next focus. Here, students will learn about how to model, represent and label fractions, as well as learning to understand the relationship between equivalent fractions in everyday life. They will also be focusing on developing their ability to recognise and model fractions of a whole and of collections. 

After this, we will have another big unit focus on 3D Shapes and Volume, where students will work on using their knowledge on 2D shapes that are the faces for 3D objects (e.g. prisms, pyramids and cubes). They will also use this knowledge to look at some of the similarities and differences between 2D and 3D shapes. When moving onto volume, they will learn to identify which metric units for volume are for larger and smaller amounts, and use these units to estimate and measure volume. Students will then finish the term with Capacity, Place Value and Time before moving into grade 5.



In Term 4, our Grade 4 learners will be exploring a topic called, ‘Go Green’. The key understanding for this unit is: ‘The environment is an important natural resource essential for supporting humans and animals and needs to be respected and cared for.’

Students will be learning about sustainability with a focus on waste and how to use resources in such a way that they will continue to be available in the future. They will be exploring the key questions: ‘How does the environment support the lives of people and other living things?’ and ‘How can people use places and environments more sustainably?’ Students will consider basic survival needs and the importance of keeping habitats pristine. Students will also learn about where rubbish goes and how it affects the earth. Our learners will develop their understanding of the 5 Rs, Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and consider how they can apply them in their everyday lives to show respect and care towards the earth.


The Grade 4 teachers are so excited to return to face-to-face learning so that we can have a great finish to the school year!




For Term 4, Grade 3-6 students will continue with remote learning until their scheduled return on the 26th of October. Activities will be provided on the Google Classroom learning platform and the students will continue to revise their knowledge of Origami, which has been a lot of fun so far!


When students return onsite, they will explore the Element ‘Form’. Students will practise and develop their making and creating skills in 3D formations, using different mediums such as, modelling clay, wool and weaving, jewellery making and card design. The goal is that students will get to enjoy working with their hands and develop their fine motor skills to design and make new creations such as, Macramé, making creatures out of clay, designs with beads and card making. 


I am really looking forward to seeing the students again, face-to-face for our final term and to freely use our Art room space again. See you all in Term 4!





LOTE- Chinese

Welcome back to another exciting term! In term 4, students in years three and four will continue their remote learning. They will have the opportunity to engage with Chinese language and cultural activities on Google Classroom. They will be able to revise previously learned topics such as colours and weather. When they return on-site, the students will then go on to learning new topics like seasons, school subject and hobbies. Students will learn to use Chinese to express likes and dislikes. They will also learn to use the iPads to create a timetable in Chinese.



Physical Education

Welcome to Term 4 Grade 4 Physical Education! This term students will continue to work remotely until their scheduled return. Activities will be provided weekly on the Google Classroom learning platform until face-to-face learning returns. Students will continue to revise their AFL kicking skills and keep active with various activities provided. When returning on site, students will continue to learn AFL skills by practising kicking and handballing the football to moving targets whilst running and walking with the correct techniques. They will also apply the skills in a game sense and learn to execute these effectively.  Grade 4’s will learn to play a game of hockey safely with numerous sticks & balls/pucks to be an effective hockey player for their team. They will also use the skills required in hockey in a game sense scenario and lead by example when playing with their peers. Grade 4’s will explore tennis by learning to effectively hit the tennis ball with the racquet to play a doubles game of tennis. Looking forward to teaching Grade 4’s face-to-face when returning onsite for our final term of the year! 




Well, Term 4 has arrived, and the end of the year is fast approaching. The start of Term 4 sees the grade 4 students continuing with remote learning for the first 3-4 weeks with a gradual build up to full time onsite. Student will continue to work on STEM activities involving Earth and Space concepts (facts about planets), or design concepts (Lego structures) remotely. But with the return to onsite, students will complete their Caine’s Arcade games from last term and examine the curriculum area of Chemical Science. Students will investigate the types of materials different objects are created from (paper, glass, etc…) and the properties they possess. This will involve conducting experiments to determine the chemical nature of the object (manufactured or natural material), and its properties such as elasticity, absorbency or even transparency. I am hoping you are all looking forward to getting back to school and getting into some hands on experiments.