Junior Journos


by Lucy Marden


If you aren’t already aware, Cornerstone’s 2020 annual play rehearsals are in full swing! This year’s production is on track to be the best one yet. 


“At the moment, we are engaged in a very exciting project,” says Mr Van der Tang, “Alesia Riches has written an original play called Murder at Malcott Manner and we, the cast, are busy putting it together … you’ll never guess who commits the murder, so come and watch the show!”


Although rehearsals were temporarily stopped by COVID-19, the production cast and crew have worked incredibly hard to get, and no pun intended, the show back on the road. In particular, our year 10’s involvement in the project has been unending from day one - Alesia Riches is directing the production, and has collaborated with Shannon Lucas, Natalie Bolst and Harry Jarman to write the script. Harry also represents the production team on the Student Leadership Council.


All in all, the passion and support from Murder at Malcott Manor’s crew will not only provide a great performance, but add to the sense of community Cornerstone offers.