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Ambulance Visit

Busselton Kindy had an ambulance on hand a week ago! No, there was no emergency, but instead a very special guest came along with his own. One of our student's dads is a paramedic, and he came to visit and brought his ambulance with him! The children were able to ask a lot of questions about the human anatomy, and learnt so much. They now know that the tube that runs from your mouth to your stomach is called an esophagus. They also know what a lung does, and how the oxygen gets to our brains through arteries. The children also got to hear and see special equipment Mr Cowden uses in his job, including a tour of the ambulance. We are grateful for Mr Cowden joining the class, and know that young Harrison was particularly appreciative that he came to visit. Such a wonderful experience for everyone.


This year's Kindy program at both the Busselton and Dunsborough campuses has been full, with a waiting list in place. Enquiries are rolling in now for 2021, so to make sure you don't miss out, please contact us now!



Farm Visit

The Year 1 class in Busselton had a wonderful farm experience in recent days, visiting Mrs Kuendig's farm.


They were able to bake bread, feed cows, make freshly squeezed orange juice, undertake an orienteering styled treasure hunt and more. They were also re-united with their own rooster that hatched in class a few months back. From all appearances, the students were exhausted from the activities, with many falling asleep on the journey home.


The whole day was a huge success, and we are grateful for the parent helpers who aided in the outing.


Book Week Lady Bugs

A couple of weeks ago was Book Week, and reading was the in-thing across the school.

It's not just class time that is seeing the best in books uncovered, but recess and lunch are also seeing great opportunities for some marvels of literature to be explored.

You might think that this lady-bug was kind to visit and share her favourite book with us - but beneath this disguise is our very own Miss H. Well done, Brittany! Also on the schedule are Mr Cameron and Mrs Chapman - both of whom also read to students whilst heavily disguised.

We loved book week. We hope you enjoyed it too.




Primary COGGs


Book Week Special Guests

The special guests during Book Week continued, with a pirate appearing in the quadrangle, reading a series of books to students.

Mr Pirate was actually Mr Cameron, disguised with a costume that included the obligatory parrot.

Whilst this was an initiative for the primary students to enjoy, it appears that several secondary students were keen to get in on the action as well.

Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Great work, me hearties!


Book Character Parade

As we came to the end of Book Week, it was time to celebrate with our annual Book Character Parade. As always, a huge effort was made by students and parents to bring the books to life on the College corridors.

Well done, everyone. You outdid yourselves.

Here's some images from Busselton.



Here's some of the creativity from Dunsborough!


Kindy Airport Visit

It's not every day that you get to sit in the cockpit of a plane, watch an aerial show put on just for you, get a guided tour on the airport, and have a jet flyby occur whilst you are on the tarmac watching passenger aircraft land and take-off - but our Kindy kids did!

Last week, one of our student's dads arranged for the class to get a VIP experience at the regional airport. As a pilot himself, he not only gave the children an extremely rare experience, but he put on a personal aerial display as the children watched on. For young Jordan, having his dad provide such a special day was particularly wonderful.

The connection to Cornerstone was all the greater, as our groundsman, Mr Jordaan was also a key part of the day, as he is also a pilot and on hand to help where he could.

Thank you Mr Avery, Mr Jordaan, parents and staff who allowed the children to have this very special opportunity. One to remember for a long time to come.



Art and Art Spaces in Dunsborough

In Dunsborough, our very own artist in residence, Mrs Mullender, has been working hard to create a warm, welcoming and creative space for the older students. The area is proving to be a hit with all the students, offering them materials and opportunity to explore their creativity or an inviting space to hang out with friends. It feels just like home. Come and have a wander through the GLA activity area if you missed out coming through during the Learning Journey.

You can check out Mrs Mullender's personal artwork during the Margaret River Open Studio event. When she is not teaching here at Cornerstone Dunsborough you can find her at The Merchant and Maker in Dunsborough until the 27 September.



Primary Athletics Carnival - Part I

With two days until the Primary Athletics Carnival the lead-in events of Jumps and Throws occurred.

The oval had student year groups rotating through javelin, shot-put and long jump, with the Year 6 house captains playing an important role of leading the day. The afternoon saw the 400m races happening too.  

We are grateful for Mr Meyerink and the team of parents on hand, who are helping support the endeavours of our Year 6 students.


Music to our Ears

The Year 1 & 2 music classes have been learning about different categories of musical instruments. They even designed and made some of their own instruments in their music class. Mrs de Villiers was so impressed with their designs and the construction from recyclable materials (some of the instruments even made a sound!) 

Well done, young musicians!


Grandparents Day in Year 2

This week we had the chance to honour the matriarchs and patriarchs of our Year 2 students in Busselton.  Grandparents of children in Miss H's class came onto the College grounds and had the chance to mix with their grandchildren, play games, share fun facts about their own upbringing, before having a delightful morning tea together.

Thanks to the parents who helped provide such a wonderful spread of food, to Miss H and students for hosting these important guests, and to all the grandparents who were able to join us for the morning. 

We are glad you came.


Ancients of all kinds

The Year 7s have completed their Ancient History research and are now planning, building and creating costumes and props for their Ancient History banquet. Next Thursday the Year 7 room will be transformed when they celebrate in ancient style and with relevant food. Students will stay in character as we see Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese and other cultures meet together.

Should be a whole lot of fun! Keep an eye our for photographic evidence.


Artistic Excellence

Year 7 art students have been undertaking portrait drawing from supplied images.

The quality of the work has been wonderful, and Mr Tink, their art teacher has been delighted at the skills displayed.


Well done to everyone involved.


Dunsborough Learning Journey 

The learning journey capped off a big week with very energetic performing arts items and so much student work on display. Thank you to all the families who came to take part in an engaging afternoon, guided by your children, getting a taste of what we’ve been doing this term. We hope you had a look around our new open learning space - there are some Year 2 students who can’t wait to get to use it next year when they move up to the big kids’ building!




A number of our Year 6 students recently took part in the regional 'Philosophon'. This challenging event encouraged students use their critical, creative and collaborative thinking and work towards an answer, when there might not be a definitive one!  

According to Mrs Clark, the students were brilliant.


'The children were wonderful representatives for both campuses. They were respectful, friendly to others and eloquent, and they spoke from a Christian perspective which I felt very proud to witness!'


Well done, students.  Really lovely to see!