Library News

Book Club Begins this Thursday

At last we will be starting Book Club for 2019.

 There are many perks to being in the Book Club such as longer borrowing times for books and being able to select what ends up in the library for you and others to read and enjoy. Everyone is welcome to join.

Our first meeting of the year will be held in the library on Thursday 7 March @ 1:10. We will be looking at the new eBooks so please bring along your laptops. Also, bring along what you are reading or have just finished reading: reviews for the popular reads board are always welcome. There will also be new books to look at. It will be a busy first meeting, see you there.

eBooks are available anytime, anywhere!

eBooks are a new and exciting addition to the library this year and there are a number of ways to access our eBook collection.

 You can go to or you can do a search in our library catalogue and access them that way.

If you need help accessing ebooks just ask the librarian: it's easier than you think.


Emoji competition

Fun times in the library with an Emoji competition running! Everyday students crowd around the board and have a go at figuring out the book title by the emoji. So far nobody has answered all 16. Never fear there is still plenty of time left to figure them out, competition closes the last day of Term 1 when all will be revealed. SO, don't give up, answer as many as you can and GOOD LUCK!