Learning and Teaching 

Growth Mindset

The sudden return to remote learning signals the high importance of all of us displaying a growth mindset for learning. As a school, we encourage a growth mindset across all areas of school life. We encourage students to take risks, try new things, learn from their mistakes and think about the phrase, " I can’t do it yet".


What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset is a belief that we can grow and improve across everything we do when we put in the effort to do so. It means that you see failure and mistakes as opportunities to continually learn, instead of believing that you can’t do it.  The video below shows what a growth mindset is.  

As parents, there are ways you can encourage and teach your child to display a growth mindset. Some of these are:

Growth mindset video for children starring some familiar characters from Class Dojo:

Deborah Courtney

Director of Learning and Teaching