Academic Excellence

Competitions, Projects, Research

Year 7-9 Program Launch

This week saw the start of the Academic Excellence Program for Year 7–9 students for 2021. An enthusiastic group of students met early this morning to get to know each other and to learn what was in store for them this semester as part of the program.


When asked why they chose to participate in the Academic Excellence Program we received a range of responses: “I want to learn some new skills”, “I want to challenge myself”, “I want to improve my problem-solving skills” and “My mum made me”.


The Year 7-9 students will meet weekly to learn in depth about organisation, study habits, philosophy and debating, amongst other things. Each term students will be immersed into at least one research project where they can use their new skills.


Australian Geography Competition

Later this term, selected students in Year 8-10 Humanities classes will be sitting the Australian Geography competition. They will be testing their geographical knowledge and competing against each other and thousands of students across Australia. I hope the students enjoy this challenging competition.


Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition

In March our Senior Maths Specialist students will sit the CAT competition. CAT competition is an online problem-solving competition that seeks to identify a student’s computer programming potential. Good luck to the students.


Homework Mentor Program

Students from Year 9 have started the year on a positive note. They are volunteering their services weekly to assist the Year Seven’s at Homework Help club. We look forward to their continued support.


Mrs Lyndsey Cardenia

 (Academic Excellence Coordinator)