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Q&A with . . . Miss Zampino

Curtin University graduate Miss Zampino heralds from the St Norbert College Class of 2015. She was in Prémontré Day as student and six years later is back in Prémontré while teaching English. 


How did it feel walking through the gates of St Norbert College as a teacher?

I am so happy to be back. It is refreshing to be returning as a teacher this time around and I’m so excited for the year ahead. 


What was the first thing you noticed had changed?

The Xanten Performing Arts Centre. This building was in the works when I was a student. We used to squeeze the whole of Dance Club into the small classroom upstairs in the ORC. 


What is exactly the same? 

Most things are very similar to how I remember them. This has really helped in my transition to becoming a teacher here. 


What is it like working alongside some of your own former teachers?

It definitely takes some getting used to. I still have to remind myself to address them by their first name and not their surname! However, I’m enjoying working alongside some familiar faces. 


What are your fondest memories of school?

The extensive co-curricular opportunities. I participated in the Performing Arts during my time at school and have wonderful memories being in the 2015 College Production of Little Shop of Horrors, being a coordinator of the SNC Canons Hip-Hop Crew and travelling to Singapore on the Dance Tour in 2014. 


What drew you to a career in education and what are your goals?

I love working with young people and have a passion for language and literature. I have such fond memories of my education, which was a strong influence on my career choice. I have academic goals of completing my Masters in Education one day and also to further my studies in Indigenous Australian Education. But for now, my biggest career goal is to be the best teacher I can be.


There are no less than 163 Catholic schools in WA. Why St Norbert College? 

I am very passionate about the strong ethos of the SNC community and truly believe it is a College like no other. As a past student, I feel a strong connection to the Norbertine community and feel that my appointment as a teacher is ‘meant to be’. 


It’s only Week 3 – but what has been the highlight so far?

The first day of school was a highlight for me. It was exciting to meet all of the students and spend time getting to know them. The swimming carnival was also a highlight as it was such a great day and it was awesome to see the college come together with so much enthusiasm and spirit. 


What would the students be surprised to find out about you?

I think most students would be surprised to find out that I was an ex-student as it’s something I am yet to share with them all! 


Mrs L Quartermain (Community Relations)