Year 1/2


Dear Parents,


Welcome to the new school year. We hope that you had a restful and enjoyable break. 

We look forward to educating your children and celebrating their many achievements and progress throughout 2021. 


Our Learning this Term


We have opened the term with the genre of recount writing and have enjoyed reading about the holiday period. We now continue with the reading and writing of recount texts with a specific focus on answering the questions of “Who”, “What”, “When” and “Where” to assist us in the writing of our Introduction or Orientation. 

We are learning about the structure of a recount. This includes an orientation, sequence of events and conclusion.


In our reading groups we will focus on a wide range of strategies including the use of words and illustrations to make predictions, identifying and breaking up sounds in words, making connections between the experience of the child and those of the characters in the text, along with, locating specific information within a text.


Children have started bringing library books home and over the next couple of weeks readers will be sent home. It’s very important that children engage in nightly reading at home.

Reading with your children at home has many benefits, including fostering the development of listening skillsspellingreading comprehensionvocabulary and establishing essential foundational literacy skills.


Parent Helpers: 

We look forward to welcoming Parent Helpers into the classrooms in the coming weeks. We ask that parents use the QR code system in the office prior to commencing their session.


We ask that all parents complete a Classroom Helper course prior to commencing in the classrooms.  The Classroom Helper Course will be held on 4th March.  There will be a morning session at 9am and an evening session at 6pm.


Please ensure that you have a current Working with Children Check as this is a legal requirement. 



We have started the term with the practise of familiar counting patterns including 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Students have been representing numbers between 0 and 20 in a variety of ways including the use of materials such as counters, teddies, unifix blocks, icy pole sticks and their own illustrations. This week we begin partitioning numbers between 0-10 and 0-20 in different ways and we will start representing quantities using tens and ones. 


We are moving to a two week unit on Data representation and interpretation. The students will create simple graphs individually and as a class. They will learn about choosing simple questions and gathering responses and representing data through the use of objects and drawings. The students will reflect on information from their graphs to make conclusions about the data. 


Other topics that will be covered this term include 2D Shape, Addition and Subtraction, and Patterns. 



We have begun the term with the students exploring what a community is and analysing the qualities of friendship including: Respect, Cooperation, Responsibility and Fairness. We always consider Jesus to be our model of friendship, teaching us how to live in the wider community amongst others.


In the coming weeks we will start to learn about Lent. The students will write Lenten Promises where they choose a specific action that they would like to engage in over the Lenten Season. These promises will benefit the students, as well as their family members and classmates.


We will conclude the term by exploring the stories of Holy Week and participating in representations of these events.  



Our topic for this term is “St Andrew’s Kids - A Learning, Faith and Hope Community”.


We have commenced the unit by highlighting key words from our St Andrew’s Vision Statement. These words include “Community”. “Learning”, “Faith” and “Hope”. Students will discuss, illustrate and write what these words mean to them.


Students will explore different ways of working such as working independently, with a partner and working in a group. They will reflect on their preferred learning style and the reasons ‘why’. The students will brainstorm positive ways to assist them when engaging in group work and ways in which they can transfer these skills into other areas of the school such as outside on the playground or in the Library.


In Term One, we are revising the values of BEST including: Be Respectful, Encourage Others, Strive to do your BEST and Think Safety. This will begin with a safety tour around the school where students reflect on the safest way to use equipment in the playground and move around the school. We encourage students to follow expectations of the BEST program at all times inside and outside of the classroom.



Classroom Organisation

It is important for the students in Year One/Two to continue to develop independence. Students are encouraged to develop this at school through such things as being responsible for:

• Unpacking of bags at school

• Organising their own reading folders

• Organising their personal belongings

• Handing in any notes

 . Bringing back library books on their assigned day

 . Being punctual to class and ready for learning. A

After 8:50 a.m students must report to the office to be registered as being late for the day.


If your child is absent from school it is a requirement that we receive notification of this in writing either via the skoolbag app, an email to the classroom teacher or a note handed to the teacher.

Please remember that every Wednesday the students are expected to wear their runners to school for P.E. 

On all other week days it is important that students wear their school shoes. 

Please ensure that your child has a St Andrew’s school hat.

Sunscreen is provided in classrooms if you choose to have your child use this.

Please advise your child of how to apply sunscreen as this will be their responsibility. 


The days and times for this Term’s Library Sessions are:

1/2R and 1/2G: Monday

1/2DM and 1/2J: Tuesday

1/2H: Thursday


Please remember to return all Library books prior to or by the day of your child’s Library Lesson.

Key Dates


  • Fri 12th -        Beginning of Year Mass (Students Only due to COVID Protocols)
  • Tue 16th -      Shrove Tuesday
  •  Wed 17th -   Ash Wednesday
  •  Sun 21st -    First Sunday of Lent
  •  Mon 22nd - School Closure Day (Student Free Day)
  • Tue 23rd -     School Open Day - School Tours 
  •  Sat 27th -     Working Bee - 8.30am - 10.30am
  • Sun 28th -     Beginning of Year School Mass (11am)  Prep, Yr 5, Yr 6 & Staff


  • Thu 4th -        Classroom Parent Helpers Course (9am-10am & 6pm-7pm)  
  •  Mon 8th -     Labour Day Public Holiday
  •  Tue 9th -       School Open Day Tours   
  •  Sun 14 -        Parents & Friends Bunnings Sausage Sizzle
  •  Mon 15th -  Catholic Education Week   
  •   Fri 26th -     School Photos - All Classes 
  •   Fri 26th -     Levies/Excursion Levy Due
  • Mon 29th  -  Term 1 Parent/Child/Teacher Interviews (2.20pm-7.15pm)
  • Mon-Wed -   Holy Week Liturgies in the Hall
  • Wed 31st -    Term Concludes at 3.15pm
  • Wed 31st-     Annual Twilight Athletics Carnival (Prep - 6) 5pm-7.30pm


  • Thu 1st -       School Closure Day - Staff Professional Development - Positive                                   Behaviour for Learning program with Catholic Education Melb.
  • Fri 2nd -        Good Friday

How to Contact Us

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Annette Howe         

Rachel Gurvich       

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Daniella Polites       

Kathy Cunningham


We politely request that there is an understanding that emails may only be responded to during working hours.

Specialist Program News

 L.O.T.E. Italian

Ciao a tutti e felice anno nuovo.

Dear Parents, welcome back and Happy New Year. May it be a healthy and successful one.

Here are some of the topics we are learning about in Italian this semester. I have included some internet links to enable the students to practise their Italian outside the classroom, to help them grow in confidence and knowledge. 

The students will begin the semester by revising previously-acquired language. They will introduce themselves to the teacher and to each other.“Mi chiamo Claudio” (My name is Claudio). See Languages Online - Come ti chiami? They will also revise how they are feeling, ‘Sto bene, sto male ‘( I am well, I am unwell) as well as the colours and numbers 1-20.

The focus will be on further developing the students’ speaking and listening skillsThey will talk about themselves using the word ‘Sono…ho…abito’ (I am…I have ….. I live), and give factual information about themselves, as well as personal likes using the correct ending. Sono italiano e parlo italiano.

They will be also working on the topic Family - focusing on grandparents and their role in an Italian family. Family in Italy is very important; very few significant events take place or important decisions are made without much and varied input from family members. Mamma- mum, papa- dad  fratello-brother sorella-sister nonno grandpa.

The students will be encouraged to talk about their grandparents orally, describe them using adjectives and will be invited to use the new language to write them a thank you letter/message. They will learn the different words for the and my in Italian eg la nonna (the grandmother)  mia nonna (my grandmother) and agreement of adjectives eg bella (beautiful) (bello) (handsome).They will be encouraged to reflect and make observations about similarities and differences in family cultural practices. During the lessons, the students will continue to participate in singing songs, playing games and completing written and oral activities.


To help your child practise his/her Italian outside the classroom, please access the following LINKS :

I also encourage everyone to keep up with Duolingo and Languages Online programs in order to increase their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.

Buon lavoro e ciao a presto. 

Signora White           


Physical Education

This Term in Physical Education the Year One and Two students will participate in 3 units of work involving fitness, an athletics unit and also a throwing and catching unit.  

They will learn the fundamental skills involved in movement with and without objects. Students will use different materials such as bean bags, tennis balls and hoops to practise coordination skills. 

In the Athletics unit students will look at sprints, relays involving passing a baton and working on discuss and shot put skills. 

For fitness they will do games and relays to learn to follow instructions and to work together successfully as a group. 

All students can attend before school activities such as running club (Tuesday Morning) and skipping club (Wednesday Morning). Year One and Two students will also participate in the St Andrew’s Twilight Athletics Carnival at the end of Term 1.

Peter Tyndall


Performing Arts

Hello Parents and Carers!  My name is Emma Cooper and I would like to thank your wonderful grade 1/2S for welcoming me so warmly to the St Andrew’s community.  I look forward to sharing their performing arts journey and developing their musical, dance and dramatic abilities.


The grade 1/2S have had a spectacular start to the year in performing arts, demonstrating pitch matching when singing hello and goodbye and keeping to the beat in the music.  Our topics for this term include beat, rhythm and tempo in music, where students link what they hear to visual and written representations, reinforcing literacy skills and musical understanding. Students are encouraged to explain how music of different rhythms and tempo makes them feel. We’re also covering dynamics (loud/soft or forte/piano) and pitch (high/low), and learning a song which we hope to perform before Easter (details of the performance TBA).  One feature of this term includes a celebration of St Patrick’s Day, introducing the students to the instruments and features of Irish music and dancing. While learning about these topics, students will be encouraged to work independently, in pairs and in groups to develop broader social skills and promote creativity and fun.


To help your children develop their performing arts skills at home, ask them to demonstrate the beat or rhythm to any song you hear/play using body percussion, or encourage them to practice any music instrument you have around the house. Most importantly play as much music to them as possible and encourage them to dance or sing along! 

Happy singing!

Emma Cooper



In Art for this semester the Grade 1/2 children will enjoy looking at objects in the environment in a more focussed way and interpret what they see in a more representational way. They will gain a greater awareness of how space is organised and some ability to show people in action in their drawings and paintings. A growing sensitivity to colour subtleties will become evident, recognising harmonious and complementary colours. They will experiment using various mediums such as crayons, oil pastels, acrylic paints, water- colour pencils and soft chalks. They will continue to develop their cutting and shading skills to create some 3D designs. Work will be enriched by opportunities to see how other artists express ideas. They will enjoy experimenting with various art materials and also complete art works linking with other areas of the curriculum such as Inquiry units and Religious studies e.g. families and the community of St. Andrew’s and the Season of Lent and Easter. 

We aim to have lots of fun during our new learnings, creations and experimentations during art classes throughout term one.


Mrs. Cathy Bartlett