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Issue 13 of Mater Dei Matters featured information about managing exam stress. This week year twelve students are completing their formal attendance requirements at the College and are now negotiating the final exam and assessment period of their secondary school education. Year 11 students have finished their preliminary exams and this week have been receiving and processing exam and assessment feedback. Inevitably, some students will be dealing with disappointment about their results and as painful as that can be, this is the time to regroup and reset and think about what they will do next.  


A big part of managing revolves keeping things in perspective.  Ashley de Silva (CEO ReachOut), talking to Tripple J Hack, about students and worrying levels of exam stress, reminds us that marks don't necessarily determine where we end up in life and that learning how to manage large amounts of stress is what is important because studying for exams won't be the last time in life when high stress is experienced. You may be interested in what Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist, says about how parents can help and do offer a genuine and judiciously timed reminder that there are many determinants to a happy and successful life.      


For those parents keen to arm themselves with reliable wellbeing information, do have a look at all the great resources made available to our education community through School TV and speak with your child's House Leader if you have concerns about your child's wellbeing.


Ms Anne Hodkinson | College Psychologist