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This tradition continued with an energetic competition across a number of sports as a part of Year 12's final weeks at the College.





On Tuesday evening, 2019 College Captains hosted a Games Night for their cohort in the College Hall. Groups dressed up according to their chosen themes and competed in rounds of Trivia and events which emphasised fun and teamwork. Special thanks to the staff who generously gave their time to support this night. Congratulations to our 2019 Captains for organising such a successful evening.







Thursday 26 September 2019 marked the final day of schooling for Year 12  at Mater Dei Catholic College. The morning began with a Year 12 Breakfast held at the Pear Tree Cafe. Year 12 student Mackenzie Gough led staff and students in prayer, and Rogan Nicholson shared some words of thanks on behalf of the year group. Rogan’s words were a wonderful sentiment to the time and efforts of Mater Dei staff, acknowledging all who have volunteered their time and expertise in support of Year 12 farewell events throughout the Term.






Mrs Catherine Banks | Leader of Students