Zero Waste, Everything is a Resource



Everything is a Resource

Everything is a resource. Whether we’re talking about ‘stuff’, the packaging the stuff came in, the resources used to make it, ship it and get it to our homes, the people who worked to make this happen, the space it now takes up in our homes – every step requires materials, time, energy and land.

Source: Zero Waste Mindset

There are some simple things we can do to reduce waste in our lives and support our farmers at the same time.

  1. Buy local-even if you only shop at the big supermarkets you can look for WA or Australian produce. It tastes better, keeps our fellow Australians in jobs and puts more money in our economy. It also saves massively on transport which is a major contributor to global air pollution.
  2. Take your reusable bags to the shops- The National Retail Association (NRA) estimates there has been an 80% drop in plastic bag consumption nation-wide which equates to 1.5 billion fewer bags going in landfill each year.
  3. Buy less-perhaps you could give experiences instead of gifts this year at Christmas, or make/cook a gift. Repurpose, recycle or repair. If you don’t want something anymore gift it through your local Buy Nothing site on facebook. You would be surprised what people want if it’s free.


Here are some local recycling sites you might like to use:


We collect batteries of all types apart from car batteries here at Mazenod. Please collect your batteries over the holidays and bring them in Week 1.


Walliston Transfer Station:

155 Lawnbrook Road, Walliston. 

Unlimited entries to dispose of agreed recyclable materials and separated green waste. 

Items includes: clothing, cardboard, dry cell batteries, e-waste, fluorescent globes, glass, metal of any type (cut to a maximum of 1.5m length, width, height and not solid), motor oil (maximum of 20 litres), and motor vehicle batteries.  

An Entry Pass and Photo ID (e.g. driver’s licence) showing proof of residence is required to use this facility.


Nespresso Coffee Pods:

Wild Seasons Florist, 15a Barberry Square, Kalamunda. 

Our Flower Studio, Shop 5, 6 Haynes Street, Kalamunda


Printer Cartridges:  

Officeworks Midland


Mobile Phones:     

Kalamunda Shire offices

Kalamunda library

Forrestfield SALVOS- they get a donation from Mobile Muster so I like this one.


Sally Budge

Sustainability Committee