Year 7 Zoo Excursion

Recently the cohort of Year 7 visited the Perth Zoo as part of the Science Biology topic. While we were there we took part in the ‘Danger Games’ presentation. In this trip, the Year Sevens have identified five different endangered animal species in Western Australia, and learnt ways they can prevent their extinction. They also learned the animal’s special skills that could help them survive, or maybe flaws that could lead to their extinction.


The Year 7s also had a fun time looking at all the different animals within the zoo.  We walked through three trails in the zoo - the African Savannah tour, the Asian rain-forest, and the Australian bush walk. Throughout the fun and interesting tours we saw amazing and beautiful animals native to that place. We also had a fun activity booklet to work through which gave us clues so we could find out how to identify some of the animals we would see while on the tour. It was a very enjoyable experience and everyone found it fun and we all learned valuable information on the endangered species in our community.


Written by

Oscar and Cameron