From the Principal

Rite of Passage

There is much to be grateful for in modern life but one aspect which is somewhat lost in contemporary society is marking the change from childhood towards adulthood with ceremony and challenge. This week the Abyss and Homecoming brought to an end The Rite Journey for our Year 9 students. It is hard to believe it is almost ten months since parents, families and the young men of Year 9 gathered at Lesmurdie Falls for The Calling ceremony which marked the beginning of this rite of passage journey. Over the course of four terms this unique educational program, delivered through the very skilled teacher mentors in Year 9, has supported the development of self-aware, engaged, responsible and resilient young men. This is a unique Mazenod experience which is highly anticipated by students and valued by our parents. As is the case every year, the students take leadership in designing their TRJ badge which is presented to them at the end of the journey. This version of the badge featured strong symbolism capturing peace and unity. Thank you to Mr Liam Mallon, Head of Year 9, and his Form teachers, mentors and camp staff for delivering another successful TRJ, and thank you to the young men of Year 9 for their willingness to embrace the journey.


Year 7 2020 Orientation Day

Today we welcomed our newest members of the community, the incoming students and families of Year 7, 2020. For these eager, young students the Mazenod Journey is just starting and they took the opportunity to spend a day acquainting themselves with life as a Year 7.


The incoming Year 7 boarders enjoyed the excitement of a sleepover last night and we were glad to host the incoming Year 7 boarding parents at a social evening last night. Orientation Day ended with several speakers addressing the incoming parents. Thank you to our staff, led by Head of Year 7 Mrs Teresa Bulich, for providing a great program for the incoming Year 7s today. Once again, the Mazza Mums, through food donations by our generous parents, coordinated a lovely afternoon tea for the incoming Year 7 parents and families.


Final Newsletter

Next week is the last full week in the College calendar. Classes end on Friday, 6 December at 3:10pm. All Year 7 to 10 students are expected to be in attendance and focused on their work until the end of term. As such, the next edition of the Newsletter will be the last for the year. Calendar dates for 2020 are being finalized now and will be published next week.


Enjoy your week ahead.


“Let us rejoice together at the good which others are doing… To sum it all up: we are in solidarity with one another. Each one is working for all and all for each one.” – St Euguene


Andrew Watson