From the classroom

News from 5/6 Unit

Hello Families, 


In Literacy, over the next two weeks we are completing Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Our focus continues to be comprehension, analysing and synthesising. We will also be finishing our Passion Projects and be presenting them in front of the grade.


In Numeracy this fortnight, students will be reviewing and developing their knowledge on fractions, and area and perimeter. They will complete activities such as comparing and ordering different types of fractions and applying the 4 processes to fractions. Students will also be calculating the perimeter and area of rectangles, composite shapes and some other 2D shapes.


On Thursday 15th December, Grade 5 students will have a taster day at Heathmont College. There are more details on Compass. Please ensure you have given permission by Friday 9th December.


Kind regards,


Pippa and Sheena.



What’s Happening in 3/4 unit

We hope by now you have been updated by your child about Camp Jungai. It was fabulous to see everyone engaged and enjoying all the actvities the camp had to offer. Thankfully the weather was kind especially during our canoeing.

In English we are completing our puppet play scripts and rehearsing with our class made puppets. We are excited to see all the finished puppets and performances.

We are currently busy practising our Christmas songs for next weeks performance. We encourage students to sing to their hearts content at home so that they will be ready to share their voices with the Marlborough Community.


Kind Regards

Lisa, Anna, Peter and Lee

The Adventures of the 1/2

Hello 1/2 families, 

We are so proud of how the students are trying their best across all their lessons, an awesome effort! In our Phonics study, students will be learning the phoneme /r/ and how it can be made using some diagraphs like wr, rr, and rh. Students focus on these sounds for two weeks practising both reading and writing the sounds throughout our literacy lessons. If you can help your students identify words in their books at home, this would be fantastic!


In Literacy we have are midway through our Persuasive unit with students learning about the common features of a persuasive text. They have been using the acronym of OREO, standing for Opinion, Reason, Examples/Evidence and Opinion Restated to plan and support their writing. Their confidence has grown in stating their opinion and supporting them with reasons and examples.  


In Maths, we have been studying Capacity and Volume and enjoyed measuring items using informal units such as blocks, rice and water.  This week we have started our unit on Addition and Subtraction which will span the next few weeks. Students will be learning a range of strategies to support them in solving both written and mental equations. 

Science has been fascinating with us conducting experiments of what happens when substances are mixed. Last week we made observations of substances and then predicted what would happen when they were mixed, students recorded some amazing predictions and observations. This week we explored how oil, water and dishwashing detergent react when each is added and then stirred. 


Kind regards

Amelie, Helen and Hua!


Fantastic Foundation

We are so excited to almost be at the end of our first year of school and the students are constantly talking or asking about what it will be like next year when they are in Year 1! 


This week we have been working through some end-of-year assessments and it's been lovely to see the growth everyone has achieved. In Literacy, we have reached the end of our phonics program and will continue to revise and consolidate our learning in these last few weeks. We have been reading "We're going on an Elf Chase" and writing our own predictions and letters to characters to help practise our spelling and sentence fluency. In Math, we will be revisiting lots of counting, addition and subtraction to again consolidate these skills and strengthen our understanding before the summer break. Of course, we will soon be enjoying lots of end-of-year celebrations and look forward to meeting our new teachers and classmates.


Best wishes,



Art Room

Our students are preparing to bring home all their colourful artwork soon. They have been decorating folios to make sure their artwork arrives safely! Please keep an eye out for all their wonderful work - from painting, collage, drawing, modelling, mark making and construction, it has been a busy year!


Grades 5/6 are currently working on their scrapbook memories page. We are still happy to receive any scrapbooking donations, from plastic pocket pages to journal cards, washi tape and project life supplies. Current Year 5s will keep their page at school ready for next year and current Grade 6s will have theirs on display at Graduation. 

From the Sports Field

Our Foundation students have been doing weekly, Perceptual Motor Program P.M.P. 

The program helps younger students improve their eye/ hand/ feet coordination, fitness, locomotion and eye tracking skills. 

We rely on Jane Barnes and the assistance of 3/4/5/6 students to help run the program. 

The students rotate through sequential activities. 

Here are some pictures. 

Bonny Chisholm

PE Specialist