Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates at assemblies on the following dates:

Friday 2nd December

Aso (Foundation) - For showing more confidence and speaking up more during our class discussions. Aso we are so proud to hear your thoughts and listen to your ideas - keep it up!

Elise A (12A) – For active participation in class discussions. It is pleasing to see you getting more and more engaged in class.  Thank you for sharing with us your creative ideas. We are impressed by your persuasive and logical arguments. 

Riley MH (12B) - For putting so much effort into coming back to school and developing such a positive attitude towards your learning! It is wonderful to see you performing to your personal best! Well done Riley!

Harmeet K (12C) - For consistently contributing to class discussions and always showing mutual respect. You are a fantastic role model Harmeet, keep up the amazing effort!

 Harley U (34A) - For constantly having a “I can do it” attitude throughout camp and stepping out of your comfort zone. You constantly showed initiative and inclusiveness with the whole group in all activities. Well done on being a great role model.

 (34B) - Callum Hastings- For his kindness towards others. Callum has shown true friendship towards his peers both at school, with a distressed friend, and on camp. At Camp Jungai, Callum showed great patience and kindness towards another student while guiding him through the low ropes course. We are proud to have you as a member of our class.

Brooklyn B (34C) -  For being a great camper and an outstanding friend. On our grade 3/4 Jungai Camp, Brooklyn has been a amazing support and demonstrated wonderful care for his friends, cabin mates and activity group. Well done Brooklyn keep it up!

 Amber L (56A) - For being such a responsible, respectful and caring classmate. We are extremely lucky to have you in our grade!

Remy S (56B) - For always coming to school with a positive attitude. Remy turns up each day with a smile, puts great effort into her learning and listens to teacher feedback. You are a star, Remy!


Friday 9th December

Jesse (Foundation) - For improving your handwriting and trying your Personal Best. Jesse it has been amazing to see you putting in a little more effort in keeping your letters and numbers neat and tidy so that others can read your work. Well done super star! 

Anahit B (12A)- For taking responsibility for his learning. You are an enthusiastic learner and always exhibit a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. You are committed to doing your best and always seek new challenges. Keep it up Anahit.  

Jack S (12B) - For working hard on your attentive listening and always trying your personal best on challenging tasks. It is such a pleasure having your interesting insights in our classroom discussions, keep it up Jack!

Pen W (12C) - For working hard and showing perseverance in our writing lessons. Pen it is great to see your confidence growing and you trying your best to spell words and use strategies to help you. We are proud of you, keep up the great effort!

 Jake S (34A) - For being a great camper, willing to give everything a go and making sure everyone in your group was ok, safe and having fun. You showed great listening and responded well to all instruction. Well done on being responsible for yourself and engaging in all activities. Well done. 

 (34B) - Eden Thompson- For being such a great helper and organiser at school and on camp. Eden can always be relied upon to make sure nothing and no-one is forgotten. You are a superstar!

 Rebecca B (34C) -For demonstrating courage and giving everything a go, supporting your peers and embracing your wild-side. You have been an amazing camper, well done Bec!

 Lilly D (56A) - For her humour, her kindness, her loyalty to her friends and of course for her organisation skills, without which I would be completely lost!

Summer W (56B) - For being an amazing student and classmate in 56B. Summer is friendly and helpful to everyone in her class and is always determined to improve her skills and knowledge in all subjects. Thank you for being a wonderful role model and leader at Marlborough!