End of Year Whole School Assembly

Last week we wrapped up another fantastic term with our Christmas End of Year Assembly. It was great to see our whole school together as one, with plenty and family also lining the stadium stands.


Congratulations to all of our award winners: 


🟡 BE SAFE: Scarlett R, Yorta M, Aaron B, James P. 


🟣 BE RESPECTFUL: Lucas M, Saba A, Chace H, Kyle D. 


🔵 BE RESPONSIBLE: Adam B, Andy M, Jordan L, Noah D. 


🟢 BE A LEARNER: Kyle L, Chloe O, Joshua N, Tyler B.


🟠 SPECIALIST AWARDS: Archie H, Samuel T, Charli VV, Lincoln H, Jayden P, Bella D, Fraser M. 


⚪️ KIRWANIS ‘TERRIFIC KID’ AWARD: Myrissa P, Patrick I, Nicolarchi Mc, Daniel M.